CIS – Information on Exhibitions

2018.10.25 UP

CIS has consistently pursued “small footprint”, “high speed”, and “high performance” in our product design and development. While maintaining these key product features, CIS is pursuing new technologies such as new sensors, new digital interface, hardware and software integration, and proprietary signal processing algorithms.
At Inter BEE 2018, we will exhibit small size, BT.2020/2100 compliant 4K camera “VCC-4K2”, ultra high sensitivity camera “VCC-HD1000”, small size Full HD camera and E-Sports relay system.
All of the above cameras incorporate proprietary image processing engine “Clairvu”, which has been adopted by prominent production houses around the world, namely for its superb image quality and rich features.
We will continue developing cameras that meet the needs of our customers by working on such challenging themes as even faster image rendition, better image quality and higher resolution cameras.
Please take this opportunity to see our products at CIS booth. (Video Production/Broadcast Equipment / Hall 2 / 2703).


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