[Inter BEE 2010] A record number of exhibits by 824 companies

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November 16, 2010

Press Release

Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association

Audio, Video and Communications Professional Exhibition

Inter BEE 2010

A record number of exhibits by 824 companies

Finally gets underway tomorrow, November 17 (Wed.)

With the support of Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) and National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan (NAB-J), the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA Chairman, Setsuhiro Shimomura - Chairman of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation) will hold the "Inter BEE 2010" Audio, Video and Communications Professional Exhibition at Makuhari Messe (Mihama Ward, Chiba City) for the three-day period between November 17 (Wed.) and November 19, 2010 (Fri.).

[Record number of exhibitions due to increased numbers of new and overseas exhibitors]

As to the scale of the exhibition, a record number of 824 companies (including 478 companies from 28 overseas countries and regional areas) will be exhibiting, and the total number of exhibition booths will be 1,345, taking up 33,936 sq.m of space from Exhibition Halls 4 to 8 in Makuhari Messe. [2009 results: 816 companies (including 466 companies from 30 overseas countries and regional areas), and 1,391 exhibition booths]
We expect to see over 30,000 visitors during the three-day period of the exhibition.
Going by trends since last year, the number of overseas participants; both exhibitors and visitors; from Asia looks set to increase, cementing Inter BEE's status as an exhibition with a considerable influence on the Asian market.

[Worldwide technological trendsetter]

Now in its 46th year, this exhibition first took place in 1965, and has emerged as one of the world's three largest broadcasting equipment exhibitions, ranking alongside NAB in the U.S. and IBC in Europe. As the digital age develops rapidly, Hi-Vision (HDTV), which was invented and developed in Japan, has become a standard broadcasting media now in Japan, and is also enjoying great popularity across the globe.
While hopes for a turnaround of the global recession continue, "Inter BEE 2010" has been a driving force behind the increased promotion of the broadcasting, video and audio industries in line with the coming digital age, providing a wide variety of exhibitions of the latest technologies and products focusing on the Asian market.
Following on from last year, the "IPTV, Mobile TV, Crossmedia Zone" will present combined front-line broadcasting and communications IPTV technology; Mobile TV which is expected to provide business opportunities following conversion to all-digital TV broadcasting; digital signage which has developed greatly in recent years; digital cinema which has significantly expanded the video market worldwide; and the latest technological trends in the 3D field, fitting considering that this year is the so-called "Year Zero of 3D technology".

[Experience firsthand broadcasting "evolution" and "possibilities" following conversion to all-digital TV broadcasting]

Remarkable advancements and developments in recent digital technology have caused major changes to various media and electronic industries involved in broadcasting, symbolized by the collaboration and fusion of broadcasting and communications as well as movements towards a ubiquitous society. This has created a great number of possibilities as well as new business opportunities.
As technological trends continue to undergo major transformations, the government, broadcasting industry, electronic equipment manufacturers, and production companies have joined forces to steadily make preparations for the period following conversion to all-digital TV broadcasting in July next year.
At this year's event, we will stage the "Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIAC) White Space Promotion Conference", where the possibilities of new media will be introduced.
"Inter BEE 2010" will provide a comprehensive and panoramic exhibition of a wide variety of technological fields including communications, IT, audio, and lighting, on top of its traditional field of broadcasting. This exhibition will bring together applications and solutions equipped to deal with a variety of transformations including, of course, rapidly developing 3D video; HDTV-based leading-edge broadcasting; video and audio equipment; and new workflows utilizing IT and communications, enabling visitors to experience firsthand the "evolution" and "possibilities" of broadcasting.

[Interpreting domestic and worldwide technological trends]

A wide variety of projects and events are held by Inter BEE in conjunction with the equipment exhibitions.
At the always-popular "Inter BEE Content Forum", leading video and audio experts from Japan and overseas will be invited to discuss the latest content business trends, raising the theme of "Producing Increasingly Sophisticated User-Focused Contents".
At the "Inter BEE Tutorial Session", front-line lecturers will provide instructions on leading-edge technological trends, the latest equipment, system utilization methods, and content production methods aimed at interested students and younger workers in the broadcasting, video, and audio industries. This session will contribute to the future development of these industries development together with the cultivation of young human resources.
At the "Technical Report Conference of Commercial Broadcasters", which has been an annual event since the inauguration of Inter BEE, leading professionals from commercial broadcasting stations across the nation will talk about the current status of and issues affecting broadcasting stations currently undergoing transformations. As the sole opportunity to publicize the wide variety of new technologies developed by each station, this conference provides a valuable opportunity to learn about the whereabouts and direction of broadcasting in the future.
In addition, in response to dramatically changing worldwide technological trends, the "Asia Contents Forum Powered by DigiCon6" and "National Board of Regional Visual Industry Associations Forum" will be held simultaneously, at which wide-ranging information relating to the various latest technological trends will be provided.

[Inter BEE 2010 Exhibition Details]

Inter BEE 2010 (International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition 2010) / (46th) 2010 International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition

Period: November 17 (Wed.) to November 19, 2010 (Fri.) (three days)

Opening Time:
November 17 (Wed.) and 18 (Thurs.) 10.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. / November 19 (Fri.) 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Venue: Makuhari Messe (Exhibition Halls 4 to 8) 2-1, Nakase, Mihama Ward, Chiba City 261-0023

Entrance Fee: Free (registration system)

Hosted by:
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)

Supported by:
Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) and National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan (NAB-J)

Co-Hosting Events:
Inter BEE Content Forum 2010 [Free entry/Advance application system] (International Conference Hall, 2nd Floor)
Inter BEE Tutorial Session [Entrance charge/Advance application system] (International Conference Hall, 1st Floor)
47th Technical Report Conference of Commercial Broadcasters [Free entry] (International Conference Hall, 3rd Floor)
National Board of Regional Visual Industry Associations Forum 2010 [Free entry] (International Conference Hall, 2nd Floor)
Asia Contents Forum Powered by DigiCon6 [Free entry] (Exhibition Hall 7)

[Previous Event Information]
Inter BEE 2009 (International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition 2009)

November 18 (Wed.) to November 20, 2009 (Fri.)
Venue: Makuhari Messe
No. of Exhibitors:
816 companies (including 466 companies from 30 overseas countries and regional areas)
No. of Exhibition Booths: 1,391
No. of Visitors: 31,694

Please direct all inquiries to the below
Management Office: Japan Electronics Show Association Contact: Ishizaki

TEL: (03)6212-5231 FAX: (03)6212-5225 E-mail: contact@inter-bee.com

[Inter BEE Press Room]
(This will be set up in Exhibition Hall 5, 1st Floor of Makuhari Messe for the three-day period between 17th and 19th Nov.)
Contact: Horai TEL: (043)296-4167