Inter BEE Forum 2008 Overview

2008.11.13 UP

November 13, 2008

Press Release
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association

The Professional Show for Audio, Video and Communications - Inter BEE 2008

Inter BEE Forum 2008 Overview

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA/Chairman: Etsuhiko Shoyama, Chairman of the Board, Hitachi, Ltd.) will be sponsoring the Professional Show for Audio, Video and Communications - Inter BEE 2008, which will be held for a 3-day period from November 19th to 21st, 2008 (Wednesday to Friday) at Makuhari Messe (Mihama-ku, Chiba).
During Inter BEE 2008 - which is a comprehensive exhibition providing diverse viewpoints on the developments of a variety of new technologies - the Inter BEE Forum 2008 (attendance and participation are free of charge) will be held to address major global trends emerging in the fields of broadcasting, communications, IT, acoustics, and lighting technology.
The theme of this year's Inter BEE Forum will be, New Breeze: The Next Generation Media Potential and Change. Starting with keynote speakers on the first day, prominent producers and engineers from the broadcast, video and acoustic fields will give presentations on universally relevant messages, and conduct tutorial sessions to provide the proper training tools to enhance future development within the industry. Additionally, Asian television programs, broadcast content, and CG content of award-winning creators will be introduced in the "Asia Contents Theater", which will be presented in conjunction with the normally exhibited productions of audio symposium presenters in the "Audio Demo Room".

Inter BEE Forum 2008 Overview
Location: International Conference Room, 2nd Floor, International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe (Admission: free of charge)

Wednesday, Nov. 19th

#Keynote Speech
(simultaneous interpreting)

Beyond Broadcasting:
Making the Leap from Old Media to Future Media.

Mr. Andy Davy
Controller of Portfolio Management, BBC Future Media & Technology

# Broadcast Business Symposium
(simultaneous interpreting)

# Special Lecture:
New Business Approach from Finland.

Mr. Ilpo Martikainen
Chairman, Genelec Oy

# Panel Discussion by BCAJ
"Contents: Will Broadcasting Become a Coelacanth in the Internet Age?"

Mr. Sei Kazama,
Professor, Meisei University and Visual Creator
Mr. Yusuke Kitani
Web Designer
Ms. Murasaki Yamada,
Cartoonist and Professor, Kyoto Seika University
Mr. Katsumi Ohyama
Special Advisor of BCAJ and President, Kazumo Co., Ltd.

Mr. Tsutomu Konno,
Representative, BCAJ; and Vice Chairman and Director, TV Man Union

Thursday, Nov. 20th

# International Symposium,
Visual Production
(simultaneous interpreting)

13:00 - 16:00
Fostering Talent for Creative Digital Content Production.

Ms. Christine Freeman
Lead Archivist, Pixar Animation Studios
Mr. Hide Nakaya
Editor in Chief, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)
Mr. Etsuo Genda
Professor, Kyushu University
Mr. Mitsuhiro Ito
Creative Director, Dentsu Inc.

Mr. Seiji Kunishige
Corporate Officer, NHK Art Inc.
Mr. Hideichi Tamegaya
Professor, Graduate School, Design Course (Media Art), Joshibi University of Art & Design

Friday, Nov. 20th

# International Symposium,
Audio Production

13:00 - 16:00
Japan's Current Situation of Surround Commercial Message Production.

Mr. Shinichi Kita
Sony PCL, Inc.
Mr. Naoatsu Sata
Dentsu Inc.
Mr. Eishi Segawa
ADs Music Composer
Mr. Kazuo Suga
Commercial Photo Magazine

Mr. Mick M. Sawaguchi
Advisor of Audio Promotion at the Research & Development Group, Pioneer Corporation (Fellow M/AES/IBS, M/C.A.S.)

New Events
# Tutorial Sessions
Exhibition Hall 8, Makuhari Messe
(Free, pre-registration required)

Thursday, Nov. 20th
Audio Session: Basics of Digital Audio Production Technology.

Friday, Nov. 21st
Visual Session: Basics of Digital Video Production Technology.

New Events
Asia Contents Theater
Exhibition Hall 2, Makuhari Messe
(Free lecture)

Wednesday, Nov. 19th
# Superior Productions of Television Producers' Forum of Japan, Korea and China.

Thursday, Nov. 20th
#Nominated Productions of DigiCon6.

Friday, Nov. 21st
ABU Award Winners.

# Surround Demo Room
Room 101, 1F International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe

Wednesday, Nov. 19th to 20th
Demo room for commercial sound equipment.

Productions by audio symposium presenters will be made available.