【Press Release】Start of Pre-registration for Inter BEE 2017

2017.09.27 UP

27th September, 2017

Press release
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association

Start of Pre-registration for Inter BEE 2017
(Weds.) 15th to (Fri.) 17th November
The largest exhibition to date to be held in all halls (1 to 8) at Makuhari Messe

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA: Chairman - Shusaku Nagae, Chairman of Panasonic Corporation) will hold the 53rd International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition (Inter BEE 2017) at Makuhari Messe (Chiba City) for a three-day period from 15th (Weds.) to 17th November (Fri.), where the latest video and audio equipment, broadcasting and communications systems, as well as content technology will all be gathered under one roof.
Online pre-registering via the official website starts from tomorrow, 28th September (Thurs.). (Free entry)
The address of the official website is: http://www.inter-bee.com

■Toward a comprehensive media communications and entertainment event
As an opportunity to present media changes created by “Society 5.0 (vision of a super smart society), spanning for three years from 2017 to 2019, Inter BEE is aiming to develop into a "comprehensive media event" exhibition, which with an emphasis on “contents”, covers "making (production)", "sending (transmission)" and "receiving (experience)" contents. The 2017 exhibition will be held as the first stop in this journey.
■The largest exhibition to date to be held in all halls (1 to 8) at Makuhari Messe
This year’s exhibition will be the largest to date. All international exhibition halls from hall 1 to 8 (54,000m2) will be used at Makuhari Messe, and the exhibition will be organized into four exhibit categories: “Professional Audio,” “Video Expression/Professional Lighting,” “Video Production/Broadcast Equipment” and “ICT/Cross-Media.”
■Gathering of the latest 4K and 8K ultra-high resolution video
Broadcasters will each give a report on the status of their ongoing preparations for the beginning of 4K and 8K actual broadcasts in December 2018, and starting with 4K and 8K filming and editing technologies, the latest video and sound production, compression, transmission and display technologies such as HDR (high dynamic range) and HFR (high frame rate) will all be gathered under one roof.
Due to the increased number of exhibiting companies promoting 8K technology at this year’s exhibition, a great deal of 8K technology, unprecedented even for overseas video-related exhibitions, will be on display.
■Focus on IP transmission, cloud, Internet transmission and 5G trends
Bidding to capture markets aimed at using cloud technology and IP (Internet Protocol) to support broadcasting operational efficiency and Internet transmission, the number of IT companies exhibiting at Inter BEE is increasing, and there will be companies promoting the contents delivery network (CDN) for the first time.
As well as conducting an IP Showcase that will summarize IP live transmission topics, keynote speeches will uncover new trends not seen at previous Inter BEE exhibitions by, for example, holding a 5G (Fifth Generation Mobile Communications System) session.

■AI application, VR/AR and new contents experience
AI (artificial intelligence) is set to become a new buzz word in this year’s conference program. There will be a range of sessions looking at AI application and collaboration from a variety of perspectives. Specifically, they will be looking at the application of AI in improving TV program production efficiency, supporting new services, disaster reporting as well as creative fusions.
Also, continuing on from last year, there will be further advances in new content experience through 360-degree images, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and many ideas for use in collaboration with sports broadcasts and live music as well as the field of entertainment.
■High-quality audio experience unique to Inter BEE
A regular Inter BEE event, experience-based demonstrations of speakers used for live events will be performed. In the large arena of the Makuhari Messe event hall, the 15 largest products exhibited to date will be assembled, allowing visitors to experience firsthand the quality of their heavy sound.
In addition, this year we will once again be holding a producer microphone and headphone experience corner, which was a great success last year. This will be a valuable opportunity to see a wide range of high-quality products one rarely gets the opportunity to listen to and compare.

At Inter BEE, visitors can experience firsthand the world of near-future media communication and entertainment through exhibits and presentations of the latest products by Japanese and overseas companies as well as conference sessions on a variety of topics and demonstration experience events.
In addition of course to broadcasting and communication businesses and people involved in video and sound production, we look forward to welcoming many visitors such as people in charge of advertising and marketing at a wide range of general companies and local authorities, design and web production companies, and businesses associated with facilities and events.


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