[Press Release]INTER BEE FORUM: Speakers for All Sessions Now Selected

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October 26, 2016

Press release
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association

Inter BEE 2016
INTER BEE FORUM: Speakers for All Sessions Now Selected

The INTER BEE FORUM will welcome a number of lecturers from Japan and abroad, including sound and video experts taking part in INTER BEE. A total of 15 sessions will be held at the International Conference Hall in Makuhari Messe from Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th November, covering a wide range of highly topical subjects that will cater to the needs of professionals.
Admission is free and reservations to attend are currently being taken.  www.inter-bee.com
≪ Wednesday November 16 ≫
■ Keynote Speech 1 "4K/8K Roadmap Progress and Prospects"
○"Broadcasting Policy Trends and Prospects"
  Mr. Mabito Yoshida (Deputy Director-General, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
○"Super Hi-Vision Test Broadcasting and Prospects toward the Tokyo Olympics"
   Mr. Haruguchi Atsushi (Director of Engineering Administration Department/ Deputy Chief of Engineering NHK)
 ○"About Our 4K ¬Broadcasting Initiatives "

   Mr. Jiro Komaki (Director of the Board, Senior Managing Executive Officer Unit President, Broadcasting Business Group, Multichannel Pay TV Business Unit, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation)
■ Keynote Speech 2"Looking Back on the Rio 2016 Coverage to Think About 2020"
○"Rio 2016: Globo delivers the biggest and widest sports coverage in its history"
  Mr. Jose Manuel Fernandez Marino (Sports Technology Director, Globo Group Enterprises, TV Globo)
○Looking back on the SHV content production at Rio 2016 (tentative)
   Mr. Yoshikazu Higashi (Vice Director of Broadcast Engineering Department, News Engineering Center, Relay Unit (Filming), Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK))
"Market development and Business prospect for DAZN in Japan (tentative)"
  Mr. John Gleasure (CCO of DAZN, Perform Group)
■Special Session 1 "The Role of Broadcasting and Internet in Disaster-prone Islands"
○Keynote "Efforts of a local government for the homeland which entered a period of frequent disasters, and expectations for broadcasting and the media."
  Mr. Kamon Iizumi (Governor of Tokushima Prefecture)
○Panel Discussion "All-out Information Battle to Consolidate the Society in Disaster-prone Age"
  * Moderator: Mr. Osamu Sudoh (Professor, Ph.D., Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies (GSII), University of Tokyo)
  * Panelists: Mr. Kamon Iizumi (Governor of Tokushima Prefecture)
         Mr. Kengou Shibata (Vice Director, Digital Content Center, Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
         Mr. Nobuhiko Arizumi (Deputy Director (in charge of news), News & Programming & Production Bureau, Kumamoto Telecasting Corporation)
         Mr. Takeshi Sanjo (Director, Programing Dept., TBS Radio, Inc.)
         Mr. Kunihisa Matsumoto (Executive Managing Director, Shimoda Cable Television Co., Ltd.)
         Mr. Ryo Hata ((Public Corporate Policy Planning Headquarters, President's Office, Policy Manager, Policy Planning Office, Yahoo Japan Corporation))
        Mr. Kiyotaka Eguchi (Chief, Public Policy and CSR Dept., LINE Corporation)
■ Invited Session 6 Commercial Attache, US Embassy, Japan, USA Showcase Forum "New Innovations from the USA"
○"Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical System for Video Applications"
  Ms. Alice Kung (Asia Business Development Director, Glimmerglass Networks)
 ○"SoundCheck; Audio Test and Measurement System"
  Mr. Tomohiko Teraoka (Sales Manager, Audio Tech)
○"Performance of 4K, VR and HDR Products that Measure by PANASAS Direct Flow"
   Mr. David Sallak (scheduled)(David Sallak, Vice President of Product Management and Industry Marketing)
≪November 17 (Thurs.)≫
■ Invited Session 1
"The IABM Tracking the Broadcast and Media Industry Trends"
  Mr. Peter Bruce (Director, APAC, IABM (International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers))
■ Invited Session 2
"Digital Transformation of the Media Business to the Cloud"
  Mr. Tony Emerson (Managing Director, Worldwide Media & Cable Microsoft Corporation)
   Mr. Daiyu Hatakeyama (Technical Evangelist (Cloud & Media), Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.)
■ Invited Session 3
"We’ve come this far! Cutting-edge of Cloud in the media industry"
  Mr. Ben Masek (Global Business Development Lead for Media and Entertainment, Amazon Web Services, Inc.)
   Mr. Kiyonori Kitasako (Manager, Engineering Headquarters, Media & Entertainment Department, Amazon Web Services Japan K.K.)
○Keynote "2020×Pop&Tech"
  Mr. Ichiya Nakamura (Professor, Keio University Graduate School of Media Design)
○Panel Discussion “Future of Media & Entertainment Opened Up by Technology”
  * Moderator: Ms. Mariko Nishimura (Chief Editor of SENSORS.jp / CEO, HEART CATCH Inc.)
  * Panelist; Mr. Kei Wakabayashi (Editor in Chief, WIRED Japan)
         Mr. Naotaka Fujii (Representative Director, Hacosco Inc.)
■ Visual Symposium"Challenge to 4K and 8K Visual Contents: Examples in Hollywood and Japan"
○Keynote "Case Study: Meridian"
  Mr. John Daro (Senior DI Colorist, FotoKem)
○Presentation1 "Production of image contents utilising high-resolution spatial characteristics"
  Mr. Hiroshi Koike (CDC Planner, Dentsu Inc.)
○Presentation 2 "8K Imaging Technologies and their Medical Applications"
  Mr. Kenkichi Tanioka (Vice Chairman, Medical Imaging Consortium)
○Panel Discussion "How does the image world 4K and 8K technology creates, open the future?"

≪ November 18 (Fri.) ≫
■ Invited Session 4 Commercial Attache, US Embassy, Japan, USA Showcase Forum "New Innovations from the USA"
○"From 4K to 8K to 360 VR: Adobe’s Video Tools Deliver the Future of Editing (Tentative)"
  Mr. Jason Levine (Principal WorldWide Evangelist Adobe Systems)
 ○"Virtual Reality for Everyone: Opportunities and Challenges"
   Mr. Hao Chen (Senior Principal Software Engineer Amazon.com, Inc.)
 ○ "Video Transmitted Smart Glass Solutions for Enterprise Market"
   Mr. Keiichiro Fujii (Director of Tokyo office, Vuzix Corporation)
■ Invited Session 5
"The Moment is Now? Cloud is Transforming Digital Media Management"
  Mr. Scott Allen (Global Product Management Leader, Oracle Digital Media Solution)
INTER BEE CREATIVE“Asia Super Session”"Underlying Strength of MADE IN JAPAN"
Mr. Shinji Higuchi (Movie director)
■Special Session 2 World-first! IP Live Transmission Production Engineering Summit"Each method of IP live transmission proposals and its development from now"
○Part1: Explanations for Each Method
 AIMS (Alliance for IP Media Solutions)
  Mr. Michael Cronk (Chairman of the Board, AIMS VP, Core Technology, Grass Valley)
 ASPEN (Adaptive Sample Picture Encapsulation)
  Mr. Mo Goyal (Director, Product Marketing, Evertz Microsystems Ltd.)
 NMI(Network Media Interface)
Mr. Teruo Kajiura (Deputy General Manager, Professional Solutions and Services Group Media Segment Business Division Products & Solutions Planning Department, Imaging Products and Solutions Sector, SONY Corporation)
  IP-VRS(IP Video Router System)
   Mr. Kazunori Nakamura (Senior Manager, Marketing & Business Development, MEDIA GLOBAL LINKS CO., LTD)
  NDI(Network Device Interface)
   Mr. Will Waters (Director, Product Marketing & Sales Enablement, NewTek, Inc.)
○Part2: Panel Discussion
* Moderator: Mr. Masanori Wada (General Manager, R&D and Production General Headquarters, R&D Head Office, IP Development Division, FOR-A Company Limited)
  Panelists: Mr. Tetsuya Miyazawa (General Manager, Imaging Network Business Division and Product Strategy Planning Division, Panasonic Corporation/ AVC Networks Company)
Also including part 1 presenters in this session.
■ Audio Symposium"Techniques and Applications of Audio Restoring"
○"Basics of Audio Restoration Workflow"
Mr. Jonathan Wyner Chief Engineer, (M Works Mastering Studio/Education Director, iZotope, Inc., Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music)
○"Audio source restoration software and mastering in music production"
  Mr. Masahiro Tabayashi
"Those that result by the audio restoration technology in real-time"
  Mr. Takahiro Sutoh (Manager, Microsound)
○"De-mixing, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of Audio Restoration by Zynaptiq"
   Mr. Jason E. Davies (President & CEO, Eleven Dimensions Media, LLC / VP Global Sales & Business Development, Zynaptiq, GmbH)

Currently taking advanced bookings
Latest information and details will be provided in our official website.


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