[Press Release] Acceptance of Applications to Exhibit at Inter BEE 2016 Starts!

2016.02.29 UP

February 29, 2016

Press Release
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association

Acceptance of Applications to Exhibit at
Inter BEE 2016 Starts!

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA: Shigeaki Mizushima, Chairman / Chairman of the Board at Sharp Corporation) will hold the “Inter BEE 2016 / 51st International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition” – a professional exhibition of audio, video and communications – at Makuhari Messe over three days from November 16 (Wednesday) to 18 (Friday), 2016. We will start accepting applications to exhibit at Inter BEE 2016 from tomorrow – March 1 (Tuesday). The primary application deadline is May 31 (Tuesday); the secondary application deadline is June 30 (Thursday).

■Exhibition Slogan: “WHAT WILL YOU DO NEXT?” Telling the World of the Possibilities of New Media
Inter BEE, which has been held as an opportunity to showcase broadcasting and media technical innovations over half a century since 1965, is approaching its 52nd anniversary this year with the support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the NHK, the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association (JBA), and the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB), as well as the cooperation of many other relevant organizations. Excitement was simultaneously conveyed from a satellite relay to the world for the first time in 1964 – the year prior to the year of the 1st Inter BEE. Inter BEE will be held this time with this slogan to “tell the world of the possibilities of new media” toward 2020.

■Expansion to the Exhibition Area and Venue Size
New video expression technologies (e.g. virtual reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), 360-degree video, immersive video and ultra-realistic video) that are expected to be utilized as next-generation media and entertainment technologies of live productions/viewings for which the market is spreading have been added to the exhibit targets at Inter BEE 2016. The exhibition will now be organized into four exhibit categories: “Professional Audio Equipment,” “Video Expression/Professional Lighting,” “Video Production/Broadcast Equipment” and “ICT/Cross-Media.” In addition, although there were 1,780 booths by 996 companies (record highest) at Inter BEE 2015 last year, the venue area will be expanded this time in anticipation of a further increase in the number of exhibitors and booths. Seven exhibition halls (47,000m2) will be used at Makuhari Messe at Inter BEE 2016. (Venue area at Inter BEE 2015: Six halls / 40,000m2)

■Expansion to Diverse Planned Sessions Widening the Breadth of the Exhibition: Toward Further Major Movements
“INTER BEE CONNECTED” will be organized at Inter BEE 2016 to promote the exchange of information by bringing together the latest trends in the media business without being limited to an exhibition of state-of-the-art technological products. In addition, we will organize “INTER BEE EXPERIENCE” to provide an opportunity for hands-on experiences to visitors. Inter BEE 2016 will be held in order to turn these hopes into further major movements as a comprehensive international media exhibition that indicates the new trends in the media business. We are proactively looking to accept applications to exhibit at Inter BEE 2016 from even more relevant companies and organizations.


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