【Press Release】Opens Tomorrow – November 18 (Wednesday)!

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November 17, 2015

Press Release

Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association

Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
Inter BEE 2015
The 51st International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition
Opens Tomorrow – November 18 (Wednesday)!
Record High996 Exhibitors and 1,780 booths

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA: Mr. Shigeaki Mizushima, Chairman of the Board, Sharp Corporation) will hold Inter BEE 2015, The 51st International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition-The Professional Show for Audio, Video and Communication- in Makuhari Messe(Mihama-ku, Chiba City)for three days from tomorrow, November 18(Wednesday) to November 20(Friday).
As the scale of the exhibition, a record number of 996 companies and organizations (including 5430 companies from 31 overseas countries and regional areas) and 1,780 booths. The event will be held on a larger scale in all six halls from Exhibition Halls 1 to 6 in Makuhari Messe.
〔2014 results: 977 companies (including 543 companies from 33 overseas countries and regional areas) and 1,491 booths〕
We are expecting 38,000 visitors over the three days of Inter BEE – this is at the same level as last year when we had 37,959 visitors.

■ Japan’s Premier “Comprehensive International Media Exhibition” Based on History and Results
Inter BEE has been held over half a century since 1965 and is organized into four exhibit categories: “Video and Broadcast Equipment,” “Professional Audio Equipment,” Professional Lighting equipment” and “ICT/Cross Media.” This event is utilized as an opportunity to become a hub for information dissemination and exchange once a year by bringing together under one roof a wide range of stakeholders involved in the media industry from Japan and overseas, including broadcasters, telecommunication carriers and production/post-production operators. This exhibition is held under the support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Japan Broadcasting Cooperation (NHK), the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association and the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses, and with the cooperation of many other relevant organizations.

The business environment surrounding broadcasting is rapidly changing. For example, there are efforts underway toward the popularization of next-generation broadcasting services such as 4K/8K ultra-high-definition video that is being promoted with an eye on 2020 and developments in cooperation between broadcasting/communications seen in the use of IPs and clouds. Moreover, the areas of the media and entertainment business are expanding and evolving beyond the boundaries of industries. For example, the live entertainment market that makes full use of audio/lighting technology is expanding, the segments of users including high-end amateurs are increasing due to the diversification of video shooting techniques using smartphones or action cameras, high-quality video and audio viewing/listening experiences are spreading and the fields in which ultra-high-definition large screens are utilized are expanding. This is leading to the roles of Inter BEE also becoming more wide-ranging and ever more important.

Inter BEE is the subject of extreme interest from inside and outside of Japan as a comprehensive international media exhibition that leads the relevant industries by revealing the new trends in the media business.

■ Record Number of Exhibitors: Leaping Toward Further Major Trends with Internationalization and IoT Cooperation
Last year at Inter BEE 2014, the 50th anniversary of this event, the scale of the venue was expanded on from the previous year with a record number of 977 companies/organizations exhibiting in 1,773 booths and with the number of registered visitors also increasing significantly by 19% compared to the previous year to a record 37,959.

This year 996 companies/organizations will be exhibiting in 1,780 booths – a number that exceeds the record we set last year. We are also expecting a record number of 38,000 registered visitors during the course of the exhibition. Moreover, Inter BEE is leaping toward further major trends. Inter BEE will be recognized as a certified event in the “Trade Fair Certification Program” by the U.S. Department of Commerce from this year as we accelerate our efforts toward internationalization. In addition, we are looking to cooperate with IoT trends that are expected to progress toward social change in the future.

■Simultaneous Holding of Various Conferences with Experts from Japan and Overseas
One of the major attractions of Inter BEE is that it is possible to share the latest trends around the world while staying in Japan because experts and key persons in sound and video will be coming here from overseas.

-Keynote Speech 1 〔10:20-12:20, November 18(Wed.)〕(Venue:International Conference Room)
“4K/8K Roadmap 2015: Business Development from Now”
Mr. Yoshida (Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications), Mr. Hamada (Director and Chief Engineer of NHK) and others from SKY Perfect JSAT, NTT Plala, Jupiter Telecommunications and NexTV-F will take to the podium to talk about the latest trends and business prospects in the 4K/8K roadmap that is progressing steadily.
-Keynote Speech 2 〔12:40-14:20, November 18(Wed.)〕(Venue:International Conference Room)
 “Start of the Official Commercial Broadcaster Television Portal “TVer” Service: Thinking about the Future of Video Distribution”
Representatives from five commercial broadcasters located in Tokyo – Nippon Television Network, TV Asahi, TBS TV, TV Tokyo and the Fuji Television Network – will take to the podium to hold a panel discussion about the future of video distribution.
-Special Session 〔15:00-17:00, November 18(Wed.)〕(Venue:International Conference Room)
 “Considering Next-generation Broadcasting Services of “My Number” Age”
This session will start with a talk from Mr. Iizumi, Governor of Tokushima Prefecture,
and will expand into a panel discussion with Professor Sudo of the University of Tokyo
Graduate School serving as the moderator.
-Invited Session〔November 18(Wed.)-20(Fri.)〕(Venue:International Conference Room)
Leaders of overseas companies and organizations will come to Japan to introduce
advanced efforts and the latest trends each day on cloud utilization proposals by
Microsoft and Amazon web services, efforts toward the Rio Olympics by the Brazilian TV.
Broadcasting Technology Association, and other topics.
Visual Symposium ” New Trend in Content Production ~ Impact of Big Data Visualization ~”
Audio Symposium:”Current and Future Situation of Transition to 700 Mega Band Wireless
~ 4 years before the Full Transition in 2019¬~”
-Tutorial Session(Admission fee required)
Paid tutorial sessions will be held for young engineers on themes such as expertise it is
difficult to ask about and expertise people don’t want to teach on a daily basis.
-Simultaneous Events「Japan Post Production Conference 2015」(admission fee required)
The Japanese version of this paid session that was held at the NAB Show in the U.S. will
again be held at Inter BEE. There will be lectures from leading overseas speakers on
four topics that are attracting a great deal of interest in the U.S.

■ Further Expansion of the Experience Event “INTER BEE EXPERIENCE”
We are further expanding and holding the hands-on-experience event “INTER BEE EXPERIENCE” that we launched on the occasion of our 50th anniversary last year.

-Line Array Speakers Demo & Presentation(Event Hall)
We will be holding the Line Array Speakers Demo, which was held on only one day last year, over three days with the participation of 13 companies – exceeding the nine companies who took part last year.
- Drone Aerial Photography Demo(Outdoor Exhibition Hall)
We will be holding an outdoor flight demo for the first time this year for professionals who have an eye on safe operation in regards to aerial photography by drones which are in high demand at video production sites.
○LECT2015(Live Entertainment & Contents Technology Conference)(International Conference Hall)
We will be showcasing the technology that provides new experiences (e.g. live entertainment experiences that fuse video, audio, lighting and performances, as well as VR, AR and interactive experiences) with presentations and exhibits.

■ Special Project: “INTER BEE CONNECTED”
We will be holding talks and panel discussions every day by key persons active on the front line of broadcasting and communications cooperation under nine themes that are currently attracting attention in the broadcasting business in addition to exhibits by each exhibitor at our special project “INTER BEE CONNECTED.”

(Venue:INTER BEE CONNECTED Theater, Hall 6)


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