[Press release]Inter BEE 2014 Finally Opens Tomorrow, November 19(Wed.)!

2014.11.17 UP

November 18, 2014

Press Release
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association

The Professional Show for Audio, Video and Communications
Inter BEE 2014
The 50th International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition
Finally Opens Tomorrow, November 19(Wed.)!

Record High 977 Exhibitors and 1,773 booths.

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA: Mr. Masami Yamamoto, Chairman; President and Representative Director, Fujitsu Limited) will hold Inter BEE 2014, The 50th International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition-The Professional Show for Audio, Video and Communication- in Makuhari Messe(Mihama-ku, Chiba City)for three days from tomorrow, November 19(Wednesday) to November 21(Friday).
As the scale of the exhibition, a record number of 977 companies and organizations (including 543 companies from 33 overseas countries and regional areas) and the event will be held on a larger scale in all six halls from Exhibition Halls 1 to 6 in Makuhari Messe.
〔2013 results: 918 companies (including 536 companies from 30 overseas countries and regional areas) and 1,491 booths〕
We expect to see over 35,000 visitors, exceeding the 31,979 people that visited last year, during the three-day period of the exhibition.

■The Largest “General Professional Media Exhibition” in Japan
Presented every year since 1965, this year Inter BEE proudly celebrates its 50th year. Exhibitions consist of four categories: Video and Broadcasting Equipment; Professional Audio Equipment; Professional Lighting; and ICT/Cross-media. A wide range of stakeholders, including broadcasters, equipment manufacturers, service providers, content-business operators, content creators and designers, will gather in one hall, using this once-a-year opportunity as a hub to disseminate and exchange of information on the latest trends.
With the selection of Tokyo as the venue for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, expectations for sophisticated broadcasting services are higher than ever. Expect compelling ideas that showcase the present and future of media from diverse companies and organizations in Japan and around the world, including 4K and 8K resolution broadcasting, Second Screen, Smart TV, HTML5 video distribution, digital signage and projection mapping.
Inter BEE is continuing to advance with the aim of being Japan’s premier “comprehensive international media exhibition.”

■Simultaneous Holding of Various Conferences with Experts from Japan and Overseas
One of the major attractions of Inter BEE is that it is possible to share the latest trends around the world while staying in Japan because experts and key persons in sound and video will be coming here from overseas.

-Keynote Speeches〔November 19(Wed.)〕(Venue:International Conference Room)
Keynote Speech1:Mr. Sam Methany, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NAB
Keynote Speech2:Mr. Yasuto Hamada, Senior Director, Chief of Engineering, Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Keynote Speech3:Mr. Yasubumi Honma, Media Strategy office, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
-Special Session〔November 19(Wed.)〕(Venue:International Conference Room)
Starting with a speech by Kamon Iizumi, the Governor of Tokushima Prefecture, on "Evolving Optical Broadband Kingdom of Tokushima" and Dr. Jun Murai, a professor at Keio University, will chair a panel discussion on the Japanese social problem of ICT social infrastructure development.
-Invited Session〔November 20(Thus.)&21(Fri.)〕(Venue:International Conference Room)
Key people from foreign corporations and groups will be introducing visionary initiatives and latest trends such as a lecture by Mark Ramberg, General Manager of Media and Entertainment, Amazon Web Services.
-Simultaneous Events「Japan Post Production Conference 2014」(admission fee required)〔November 19(Wed.)〕
The Japanese version of a fee-paying session held at the U.S. NAB Show will be held this year. Four topics gaining increased attention in the U.S. will be discussed in lectures by top-class foreign lecturers.
-Furthermore, we will be showcasing the latest trends by welcoming experts from Japan and overseas such as in the “Video Symposium,” “Audio Symposium” and “Tutorial Session” that are a focal point for attention every year.

■The 50th Anniversary Event「INTER BEE EXPERIENCE」
On the occasion of celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, Inter BEE has launched “INTER BEE EXPERIENCE” with the aim of providing a place where it is possible for users to even more effectively come into contact with products, technology and information through hands-on experiences in order to further enhance our function as an exhibition with a focus on the future as Japan’s premier professional exhibition of audio, video and communications.
There has never been an opportunity to listen to the equipment used in concert and event venues in a space close to that of the actual environment or to take part in a live demo at an exhibition in Japan before. Inter BEE will deploy a hands-on-experience project that will enable presentations to be given at the same time as demonstrations of products in a large space.

《The 50tu Anniversary Event “INTER BEE EXPERIENCE” Event Outline》
Name: Inter BEE 50th Anniversary Event: INTER BEE EXPERIENCE
Date: November 20 (Thursday), 2014
Venue: Makuhari Messe Event Hall

Part 1: Line Array Speaker Demo (10:30-16:40)
There will be a demo of hanging line array speakers with the participation of acoustic companies for the first time at an exhibition in Japan. It will be possible to listen to the performance of speakers through a “mega-volume demo” using the large space of the event hall.
Part 2: Anniversary Live Party (17:40-19:40)  
The 50th anniversary event is “live entertainment” emanating from Japan and being delivered around the world that will fuse together “video, sound, lighting and performance.” The creative power of Japan will be showcased to the world through a joint production with Rhizomatiks, a content creators group which is now attracting attention from the world in addition to Japan.

■New Project: Showcasing the Evolution of Media Communications
The ICT and media environment has been greatly expanding and changing due to mobile networks (e.g. smartphones and tablets) and cloud computing. Against this background, media communications have been evolving every day due to video content distribution and the various applications that utilize videos. We will hold “Inter BEE CONNECTED” as an opportunity to showcase the latest trends in video and ICT, as well as the evolution of this. These trends include the potential for cooperation between broadcasting and communications, the possibilities of media business through the Internet, the development of the utilization and application of the cloud as content production infrastructure, and the application of digital content and big data which will be essential in social systems in the future.
Tomorrow, November 19 (Wed.), we will be holding keynote speech “Trends in US Media Consumption and Measurement” by Mr. Eric Solomon, SVP of NIELSEN. (Venue: Hall 6, Makuhari Messe)