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2014.11.14 UP

ovember 16, 2014

Press Release
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association

Inter BEE 2014 New Event
Devices and viewing styles are changing.
Digital marketing is evolving.
Explore new TV business today.

Our new project “INTER BEE CONNECTED” will be held at “Inter BEE 2014” in Makuhari Messe (Mihama Ward, Chiba City) over three days from November 19 (Wednesday) to 21 (Friday), 2014.
The ICT and media environment is greatly expanding and changing due to mobile networks and cloud computing on smartphones and tablets. Against this backdrop, media communication is evolving every day due to video content delivery and various applications that utilize video.
INTER BEE CONNECTED connects exhibitors and visitors with consideration for media communications and digital marketing, including the Web, apps and signage, in addition to broadcasting. We are having attendance from a wide range of individuals in the digital marketing industry, such as broadcasting stakeholders, video content production stakeholders, digital content delivery operators, Internet platform operators, cloud operators, app production stakeholders and others.

■Exhibitors(Alphabetical Order)
Actvila Corporation, Amazon Data Service Japan K.K., EVC Inc., Forecast Communications Inc., FUJI SOFT INCORPORATED/Ooyala Inc., Fuji Television Network, Inc., Internet Initiative Japan Inc., ITOCHU Cable Systems Corporation, Multiscreen Broadcasting Study Group, Newphoria Corporation, NEXTSCAPE Inc., Nippon Television Network Corporation, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc./KDDI CORPORATION, TV Asahi Corporation

■Keynote Speech
Keynote Speech: Trends in US Media Consumption and Measurement
Technology is enabling and driving massive change in Media consumption. As a new ecosystem evolves around Media, measurement must evolve as well. In this session, Nielsen will provide a view of the changes in the US Media market and how Nielsen is enhancing its measurement capabilities to enable clients to take advantage.
Mr. Eric Solomon, SVP, NIELSEN
-Talk Mr. Toshihiro Fukutoku, CEO, Nielsen Japan

■Planned Session (Panel Session)
●Wednesday, November 19, 11:00-11:30
Opening Talk: Improving the Media Value of Television and the Significance of INTER BEE CONNECTED
This will be a talk about improving the media value of television and the significance of INTER BEE CONNECTED.
Mr. Yasuji Eguchi, Eguchi Yasuji GK

●Wednesday, November 19, 16:20-17:20
The Advertising Model That Should Be Protected by Terrestrial Television and the Changes Necessary
This will be a talk on the significance of the advertising model that is the foundation of the terrestrial television business and the new viewing styles which have been brought about by the Internet and various viewing devices that are continuing to evolve without stop. This session will look at how and where there should be agreement between the current advertising business model that should be protected by terrestrial television and the new changing viewing styles based on the support of technology and problems in the system toward around 2020.
Mr. Yasuji Eguchi, Eguchi Yasuji GK

●Thursday, November 20, 10:10-11:30
The Changing Style of Viewing Television due to the Smartphone
Smartphones are changing the style of viewing television. Second screen viewing has now become very commonplace and there are an increasing number of viewers who enjoy programs while taking part in social activities and searching for information on smartphones. This talk will look at how this is changing the relationship between television and viewers. There will also be a look at what kind of services operators are offering. There will then be a discussion by the three panelists about the current state and the future of this.
Mr. Hidkazu Imatani, Dentsu Inc.
Mr. Masahito Ota, Nippon Television Network Corporation
Mr. Ayumu Yasuda, Garapon inc.
Mr. Osamu Sakai, Creative Director

●Thursday, November 20, 13:00-14:50
The Future of Television as Seen from Local Stations
This will be a look from the perspective of local commercial stations at the direction and challenges in regards to the evolution of television after 2020 for which progress tends to be focused on Tokyo.
Mr. Junichi Hirayama, Sendai Television Incorporated
Mr. Hirokazu Shimauchi, TV-Setouchi Broadcasting Co., Ltd
Mr. Nobumitsu Nagai, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.
Mr. Motoo Mouri, Fukuoka Broadcasting System Corporation.
Mr. Yuji Suzuki, Next Generation Media Laboratory

●Thursday, November 20, 16:00-17:00
Interactive Television: Now and the Future
This session will look at what kind of interactive ties there are with viewers with the Internet, social networks combined and used fit for their purposes without being tied down by the existing framework.
Mr. Masayoshi Boku, Bascule Inc.
Mr. Takuma Kishimoto, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
Mr. Yasuji Eguchi, Eguchi Yasuji GK

●Friday, November 31, 10:10-11:30
What Changes? These Changes! The Forefront of the Next-generation Cable Business
This will be a report of the frontline of cable television which is transforming from providing broadcasting services to being a regional media business. Together with this, there will be a look at the compatibility with IPTV, smart TVs and 4K/8K.
Mr. Koji Takumi, Tonami Satellite communications Television
Mr. Masao Endo, Tokyo Cable Network, inc.
Mr. Yukio Yanagisawa, Japan Cabletelevision Research and Information Center

●Friday, November 21, 13:00-14:50
Net Distribution by Key Stations
This is a session on the video distribution which is being developed in various forms by commercial broadcasters. We will welcome panelists from three key stations to talk about their overview, strategy and future development in regards to this.
(1) Overview and current situation of the video distribution business
(2) Presentation of data for the discussion
(3) Discussion
Theme 1: What do you think about the targets?
Theme 2: Strategies for distribution to your firm’s/other firm’s platforms
Theme 3: Distribution content
Theme 4: The position of the video distribution business in management strategy
(4) Summary
Mr. Masahito Ota, Nippon Television Network Corporation
Mr. Koaru Sakamoto, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
Mr. Makoto Yamaguchi, Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Mr. Ritsuya Oku, Dentsu Inc.

●Friday, November 21, 16:00-17:00
This will be a talk session on the points that will need to be addressed in the future in order to enhance the media value of television with members of the INTER BEE CONNECTED Advisory Board based on the sessions and exhibits over the past three days.
Mr. Kiyoyasu Ando, Nippon Television Network Corporation
Mr. Hiroshi Saito, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.
Mr. Mikio Tsukamoto, Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Mr. Keiko Murakami, Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Mr. Yasuji Eguchi, Eguchi Yasuji GK

■Exhibitors Presentation
Please refer PDF file.