Inter BEE 2011 Finally Opens Tomorrow, November 16 !

2011.11.15 UP

November 15, 2011

For Immediate Release
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association

The Professional Show for Audio, Video and Communications

Inter BEE 2011

800 Exhibitors from a Record High 35 Countries/Regions

Finally Opens Tomorrow, November 16 (Wednesday)!

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA; Mr. Kaoru Yano, Chairman; Chairman of NEC Corporation) will hold Inter BEE 2011 - The Professional Show for Audio, Video and Communication - in Makuhari Messe (Mihama-ku, Chiba City) for three days from tomorrow, November 16 (Wednesday) to November 18 (Friday), with the support of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) and National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan (NAB-J).

The event will be at the size of 800 exhibitors (of these 466 will be from 34 countries/regions overseas) and 1,329 booths. Inter BEE 2011 will use 33,936m2 from Makuhari Messe Hall 4 to Hall 8. (2010 results: 824 exhibitors (of these 478 were from 28 countries/regions overseas) and 1,345 booths).

Moreover, we expect over 30,000 visitors during the three-day event. In particular, the number of countries/regions of the exhibitors is increasing year on year and this year will reach 35 countries/regions. This will be a record high. It is considered that Inter BEE has come to be positioned as a place for international technological exchange and for extensive demand development.

Inter BEE is approaching its 47th exhibition since starting in 1965. The event has achieved significant growth as a driving force of broadcasting technology along with NAB in the United States and IBC in Europe. Against a background of the spread in the diversification of content caused by the digitalization of media, Inter BEE is undergoing a transformation toward becoming a comprehensive media exhibition for video content production and distribution technology.

In particular, from this event, we will be providing business opportunities as a place of international exchange and extensive demand development, for example the newly established Cross Media Category, which will appeal to cross media and digital content.

In conjunction with this, we have gained the participation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and will enlarge the exhibition scope to search for new business after the stop of analog waves, such as white space and V-low.

In addition, we have newly received recognition as an official event of CoFesta 2011, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, with the aim of progressing toward becoming a comprehensive media event centered on content.

Furthermore, we aim to expand our scope into new fields, including staging video, projection mapping and live sound. As well as the traditional areas of "creation" and "transmission", we will put into practice our plan to add "attractiveness" as an additional field. Moreover, we have established a Loudness Meter Zone that brings together a loudness meter exhibition, and we will cover new businesses after the complete switch over to terrestrial digital.

At Inter BEE, in addition to the equipment exhibition, various plans and events will be held.
The Inter BEE Content Forum garners interest every time. This year, the theme will be "Next Generation Content: Reliance and Creation" and we will welcome presenters who are the leading authorities in the fields of film and music, both from Japan and overseas. Here, discussions will take place about the latest technological trends in the content business which is being changed by user experiences.

On the opening day of November 16 (Wednesday), the keynotes speeches will be delivered by Mr. Gordon Smith, President and CEO of the National Association for Broadcasting (NAB) and Mr. Kenji Nagai, Managing Director of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK).

In the Inter BEE Tutorial Session, lecturers and instructors who are active in the industry will provide instruction on trends in cutting edge technologies, making the best use of the latest equipment and systems, as well as content production methods to talented young people in the broadcasting, audio and video industries, as well as students who have an interest in these fields. This will contribute to the development of talented young people and the expansion of the industry in the future.

Furthermore, in the Symposium of Broadcast Technology, which has been held alongside Inter BEE from the first event, experts at the forefront of commercial broadcasting stations nationwide will talk about the current situation and challenges in broadcasting offices which are undergoing reform. As the only place where the various latest technologies developed by each station are made public to everyone, this is an important opportunity to learn about the future directions broadcasting will take.

In this event, a special program will be held with the theme of "Verification of The Great East Japan Earthquake and the function of the Broadcast Techniques: We reflect back on the days after the disaster and verify how we should prepare for and what we should do."

In addition, in response to global technology trends, the Asia Contents Forum Powered by DigiCon 6 and the Loudness Summit Tokyo will be held at the same time as Inter BEE. These events will disseminate information across a wide range of the various latest technological trends.

Please refer to the Official Website for the latest information and more details.

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