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FBT Elettronica S.p.A.

Address of Headquarters

Via Paolo Soprani 1, Zona Ind.le Squartabue, 62019 Recanati, ITALY

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Professional Audio Equipment /Hall2 /2102

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FBT Elettronica S.p.A. is a leading Italian manufacturer of professional audio, installed sound, live touring systems, audio contractor solution, EN-54 certified products, voice evacuation system.
Our factory and headquarters are based in Recanati (Italy) since 1963 and most of our products are manufactured in Italy.
At InterBEE 2018 FBT exhibits for the first time, along with our new distributor for Japan, MTC-Japan.
We will introduce a good selection of our products and solutions to the Japanese market.
For more information: http://mtc-japan.com/news/2018/0914/

Product Names


It's a compact all-in-one line array delivering maximum performance in lightweight, modular design.
A bi-amplified design, the system comprises a long excursion 12” bass reflex subwoofer and a passive mounted satellite, linked via a Neutrik SPEAKON connector and equipped with six full-range neodymium 3” drivers. Onboard the subwoofer is a Class-D, two channel amplifier, complete with switch-mode power supply, delivering 600W RMS to the subwoofer and 400W RMS to the satellite, both of which are housed in birch plywood enclosures. For ease of use, a storage compartment is provided within the subwoofer enclosure to securely house both the satellite speaker and its supplied mounting pole for storage and transport. A dedicated locking system holds all of the equipment in place. Made in Italy.


It's an active system integrating professional line array technology in a compact and elegant design. Ideal for live and fixed installations VERTUS CLA includes:
CLA604A active column array in extruded aluminium, 6 x 4" custom woofers, 4 x 1" dome tweeters with wave guide, 400+100W rms biamp system in Class-D design and DSP with 4 x EQ presets.
CLA208SA active subwoofer in bass-reflex design and birch plywood enclosure, 2 x 8" custom woofers, 600W rms Class-D amp and DSP on board.
The VERTUS CLA system is completely modular and can be easily expanded to a maximum setup delivering over 6000W peak. Made in Italy.

FBT VERTUS DLA1244A and 804A digital control active line array  NEWNEW

The FBT VERTUS series introduces the new DLA models. These can solve many problems of sound related to difficult and reverberant environments. DLA804A is composed of 8 x 4" woofers, matched with 8 x 50W rms power amps in Class-D.
DLA1244A is composed of 12 x 4" woofers, matched with 12 x 50W rms power amps in Class-D. Both feature also a powerful DSP processorand PC slave control and configuration via RJ45 connectors for RS-485 network data configuration through the provided software. Perfect sound digitally aimed to the specific desired direction is therefore available. Made in Italy.

Item Other

In addition to the VERTUS family, FBT will introduce also:

MUSE 210LA, active line array, 2 x 10" woofers, 2 x 1" HF drivers, 900W rms built-in Class-D amp. An international best seller.
MUSE 118FSA, active subwoofer, 1 x 18", 1200W rms.


63074 FBT Elettronica S.p.A. - Via Soprani 1 - Recanati - Italy
Export Manager   Roberto Mataloni
[TEL]+39 071 750591   [FAX]+39 071 7505920

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