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Imeve Inc.

Address of Headquarters

101 Jefferson St, Suite 212 A, San Mateo, CA 94025 USA

Category / Hall / Booth

Video Expression/Professional Lighting Equipment /Hall6 /6506

Product Categories Planned for Exhibition

Highlights of the Booth

We exhibit mainly VR Player "Imeve PLAY" which features social function with avatars, VR Live distribution sofware "Imeve LIVE" and cloud server to manage contents and distribution "Imeve CLOUD".

Product Names


VR Player which features social function. Multiple users can communicate with each other in the same virtual room via each avatar.


VR live movie distribution SW. We've developed OZO LIVE which has been highly evaluated from a lot of professional users in the world to support multiple kinds of professional VR cameras. It can support 3D 4K (60fps).


The Imeve Cloud platform makes it easy for non-technical personnel to manage 360-degree video and still image assets and create new immersive experiences. Support for media in 360, 180, 2D/3D content. Features 360-degree web-based player.

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