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Chrosziel GmbH

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Klausnerring 6, Kirchheim, Munich 85551, Germany

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ICT/Cross Media /Hall8 /8103

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Chrosziel innovates and manufactures fine precision mechanical, optical and electronic products with more than 40 years of experience. Chrosziel Professional Camera Accessories, Lens Control Systems and Lens Testing Instruments are widely used and respected in broadcast, cine, and lens service. The products are available worldwide in more than 50 countries.

With the Zoom Servo Drive family Chrosziel makes the life of ENG / broadcast operators easier. The one single housing contains a PCB with CPU implementing control commands from SONY cameras or LANC compatible handles. It offers 4 zoom modes: EB / Documentary, Live / Hardcut, Silent, and Direct Mode. Further highlights: Easy mounting, comfortable powering via D-Tap, and Lens End Stop Soft Ramping.

The Lens Control System (LCS) MagNum is available with up to 4 motors and controls internal lens servo drives, also. The light-weight and ergonomic hand unit is market leading. The optionally available Zoom Rocker allows stepless and comfortable zooming. Regarding Broadcast and Steadicam applications, MagNum and Aladin MKII are a must have for every camera operator.

Chrosziel camera and lens testing equipment is industry standard. Dedicated for ARRI lens mount plates is the Lens Test Projector P-TPCXPL with a 60mm diameter LED light source. Its two 3x3 filter holders allow the use of color filters and to simulate a glass way insert. Two multiport connectors offer electronical data read out for e.g. /i-Data and LDS meta data analysis. For testing further standard industry lenses Chrosziel provides the Lens Test Projector P-TP7. It comes with all technical finesse like the Lens Test Projector P-TPCXPL. The only difference is the interchangeable large universal quick release mount instead of the ARRI mount plate.

Product Names

Zoom Servo Drive CDM-LWZ3-Z

Award-winning motorization for the Zeiss Lightweight Zoom LWZ3 21-100 mm lens with 4 zoom modi.

Nino Leitner, Editor in Chief cinema 5D, wrote in his laudation of the cinema 5d Best of Show NAB 2018 award (category create): "What’s remarkable about the Chrosziel solution is its extremely small size and elegance, the quietness and simplicity of it. It also loops through the LANC information from a handgrip like on the FS7, meaning that you can use the zoom rocker on the handgrip as well as the start/stop or menu buttons. It’s self-calibrating as well. It’s clear that Chrosziel is on a mission to motorize the zoom lenses from all kinds of manufacturers, and we like how they are doing it."

QuickLock Plate 401-150

The locking mechanism consists of two sliders. On the first slider the front unlocking bolt and fork-shaped locking slide are mounted. On the second slider only the retractable locking bolt is mounted. Both sliders are connected via a two spring-loaded connecting lever, which is moved back and forth by the locking lever on the left side of the QuickLock Plate. This guarantees an absolutely synchronous opening and closing of the locking mechanism.

For ensuring a perfectly working QuickLock Plate the highest precision is ensured during production. The necessary lubricity is ensured by highly viscous grease. Together with the elastic spring mechanism, the result is a low-noise locking mechanism.


85551 Klaussnerring 6, Munich / Kirchheim
Marketing & Communications   Kurt Müller

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