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NGC Corporation

Address of Headquarters

102-0083 MFPR Kojimachi Bldg. 7F, 5-7-2 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Japan

Category / Hall / Booth

Video Production/Broadcast Equipment /Hall6 /6401

Product Categories Planned for Exhibition

[Storage] [Ultra High-Definition Program Production Systems] [MAM Solution] [Commercial Message Archive] [Editing Devices] [Non-linear Editing Systems] [Visual Effects] [Color Correction] [CG Production Systems] [Storage Equipment] [Archive Systems]

Highlights of the Booth

NGC Corporation supports all processes of the video editing system from hardware, software, development and maintenance.
The highlights of this year are StorNext SAN that not using FC switch that configureing Quantum's 100 Gb network, LTO tape library that using StorNext storage manager, Multi-OS / application that can run multiple OS / applications on one Boot system and Studio reservation system RISINGC.

In addition, CG products and film management / studio management solutions etc. will be exhibited.

This year, we will exhibit jointly with CIARA Technologies and Quantum Corporation which are major handling makers of NCG Corporation.

We will also exhibit signage solution and New development project such as touch display & original application, live distribution solution, smart replay system and DAM cloud service.

By all means, please drop in at NGC Corporation booth!

Product Names

Quantum Scalar i3  NEWNEW

Quantum Scalar i3 is an automatic backup LTO tape library using StorNext Storage Manager.

StorNext Storage Manager will show you how to archive from Autodesk Flame using tape library, workflow of backup management from main storage to tape library.

By automatically backing up to Scalar i3, it is possible to prevent human errors and improve efficiency of operations.

Also, compared with cloud type archives, we can reduce costs in the middle and long term.


CIARA TITAN 4208-G4 is a multi-boot system that can start multiple OS / applications on one system, and it will be the new model announcement.

The TITAN 4208-G4 has updated the CPU to Xeon scalable processor and the performance such as speed has improved compared to the old model.

The multi-boot system is a system that can be configured flexibly for the environment, such as Linux Flame 4K, Linux DaVinci 4 K, Linux Nuke, etc., configuring multiple applications, Linux OS and Windows OS.

Up to 8 types of OS and applications can be selected and activated.(4 online switching startup disks + 4 replacement startup disks)

Because the boot structure is constructed on a disk unit basis, it is possible for the boot manager to boot each disk unit.


NGC RISINGC is a studio reservation system that NGC developed for post production, production company, rental equipment company.

In addition to editing rooms, equipment and staff shift management, it is APS service that responds to reservations from clients, temporary reservations.

By doing all the input on the browser, it is possible to share information easily by save the schedule of bringing up the material as a communication matter.

In addition, we can reduce the burden on the staff because we can make actual schedule entries and make slips and reports as work management directly.

For administrators, since all the entered history remains, it will be easy to grasp the use situation of the studio and so on, and to make a management plan and equipment expansion plan easily.

Item Other

High-speed SAN storage
Ingentust, transcoder and MAM comprehensive software
8K VR camera / VR microphone
8K solution
Live video distribution system / smart replay system

Event Information

【Booth Party Nov.15th 5:00pm-7:00pm】


We will hold a booth party from 5:00pm-7:00pm on November 15th.
While viewing the exhibition solution, you can use it as a place to exchange information between users. We will prepare meals and drinks.
By all means, please come to the NGC Corporation booth party.

【User Sessions Nov.16th 1:00pm-1:30】


On November 16th at 1:00pm-1:30pm, we are scheduling a user session by Mr.Yoshitaka Sakaue from L'ESPACE VISION CO.,LTD.



We hold seminars everyday during the exhibition.
We are planning a seminar for Autodesk Flame that is getting good review every year.
We are waiting for participation in the seminar.


102-0083 Kojimachi MFPR Bld. 7th-floor,5-7-2 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Sales Section3, BSI Division   Tatsuhiko Oogo
[TEL]03-6380-8142   [FAX]03-3222-2601


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