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151-0066 1-29-2 Nishihara Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0066 Japan

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Professional Audio Equipment /Hall2 /2410

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[Consoles, Mixers] [Audio-compression/Transmission Technology] [Intercoms] [Transmitter] [Radiobroadcast Systems] [Other Radio Broadcasting Systems]

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IQOYA X/LINK Stereo IP audio codec  NEWNEW

IQOYA X/LINK is a 1U rack IP audio codec designed for the delivery of a stereo source (or two mono sources) over IP networks for STL and SSL links, but also DVB audio and WEB radio. It can be used in legacy analog or AES/EBU audio infrastructures, as well as in full-IP audio infrastructures (AES67, Ravenna, Livewire), making it a good investment for the migration to IP audio. Like all the IQOYA products, X/LINK is based on the Fluid IP technology which offers the redundant dual streaming feature, allowing for reliable IP streaming over inexpensive IP links. Based on a low consumption and fanless powerful hardware platform, IQOYA X/LINK is designed for 24/7/365 use.

Axia Fusion AoIP mixing console, built in compliance with the AES-67 standard

Fusion is the new Axia modular console packed with features and capabilities refined from over a decade’s worth of IP-Audio experience. It’s available in frame sizes to support consoles of 4 to 40 faders in single or multiple linked frames. Fusion may be powered by the Axia PowerStation or StudioEngine DSP mixing engines, and connects to the Axia network with a single CAT-6 Ethernet cable, allowing the sharing of local audio devices (and their associated GPIO control) among multiple studios to maximize efficiency and reduce cost. Fusion contains four stereo Program buses, four Send buses, and two Return buses. A variety of module types are available, from fader-only modules to Call Controller modules with integrated multi-line controls for Telos multi-line phone systems and more.

Omnia VOLT FM Audio Processor for FM

Killer Omnia FM sound featuring 6 AGC sections (5 multiband + wide-band) , 5 band, time-aligned limiters, Dynamics Engine architecture, the latest low distortion clipper design by Frank Foti, and a high quality composite stereo generator. Dozens of modern presets give you an awesome sound straight out of the box. Run studio side to feed your STL, or generate FM composite at the transmitter.


151-0066 1-29-2 Nishihara Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Sales   Hiro Ishihara, Ayako Takeoka
[TEL]03-3372-3661   [FAX]03-3372-3671

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