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Western Digital Japan

Address of Headquarters

252-0888 1, Kirihara-cho, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 252-0888 Japan

Category / Hall / Booth

Video Production/Broadcast Equipment /Hall6 /6107

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Highlights of the Booth

Delivering the possibilities of data

Western Digital provides devices, platforms and systems for storage solution of BIG Data and FAST Data. Storage is a key for Post-production workflow in M6E Market. ActiveScale is an object storage for active archiving. It has easy to scale out, high availability, high data durability in Cloud / BIG Data area. Performance demo of NVMe-oF for 4K NLE will be available in the booth.
In addiiton, Western Digital has a brand of G-Technologu, well knows as direct attached storage devices for Ingest/Copy. distribution and NLE in a workflow of post-production. Talk to us about storage.
Seminars in the booth will run every hour. Device technologies, File management, SDS use cases, Active Archive. Solution for Post-Production workflow will be presented. Bring your questions or a problems of storage systems.


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