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Fraunhofer IIS

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Am Wolfsmantel 33, 91058 Erlangen, Germany

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Professional Audio Equipment /Hall1 /1512

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[Audio-compression/Transmission Technology] [Radiobroadcast Systems] [Virtual Realities (VR)] [Audio System Archive] [Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Systems] [Multimedia Broadcast] [4G/5G]

Highlights of the Booth

Visit us at booth 1512 in Hall 1 - we are looking forward to seeing you!

Product Names

MPEG-H Audio

At InterBEE 2018, Fraunhofer IIS will showcase interactive TV sound powered by MPEG-H Audio: See how viewers can personalize a program's audio mix and toggle various elements, such as:
oswitch between different languages
oboost hard-to-understand dialogue
oadjust the volume of the commentator or listen to the stadium announcer or the fans of your favorite team respectively.

Additionally, MPEG-H Audio production tools will be presented at the Fraunhofer booth.

The MPEG-H Audio system enables immersive sound and interactivity, and is designed to work with today's broadcast and streaming equipment. Since May 2017, MPEG-H Audio has been the first next generation audio system to be used in a regular terrestrial 4K TV service in South Korea.


Extended High-Efficiency AAC (xHE-AAC) is natively supported in the Android Pie mobile operating system. The codec combines maximum coding efficiency, seamless bit rate switching and mandatory MPEG-D DRC Loudness and Dynamic Range Control, making it the ideal solution for audio and video streaming services as well as digital radio broadcasting. At InterBEE, xHE-AAC will be showcased in various video streaming applications and broadcast radio scenarios.


JPEG XS is the mezzanine image compression codec targeting for highest quality, low complexity and low latency. It addresses the demand of the broadcast production industry to transmit production feeds over multiple Ethernet based links. At InterBEE 2018, Fraunhofer IIS will show the live streaming of image data from a camera, captured, encoded and transported over an IP link and decoded on a second screen. An Adobe Premiere plug-in presents the JPEG XS playback capability of 4K images and an SDK for JPEG XS encoding and decoding makes it possible to integrate the codec into custom-built applications and devices.


Representative Japan   Fahim Nawabi

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