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Synergy K.K.

Address of Headquarters

134-0015 TSM Bldg., 4F, 4-14-8 Nishi-Mizue, Edogawa-Ku, Tokyo 134-0015, Japan

Category / Hall / Booth

Video Production/Broadcast Equipment /Hall4 /4305

Product Categories Planned for Exhibition

[Video Server Systems] [Workflow on File Base] [Digital Archives] [Storage] [Ultra High-Definition Program Production Systems] [MAM Solution] [Content distribution platform] [Automatic Program Output Systems (TV Radio)] [Automatic CM Output Systems(TV Radio)] [IT Solutions] [Graphic Libraries System] [Other Broadcasting Equipment Total Systems] [Enterprise Systems] [Commercial Message Archive] [Data Management Systems] [Master Output Systems] [Editing System for News Report] [Graphic Systems] [External Information Response Systems] [Other Business-critical/Program Production Systems] [Video Servers] [File Server Systems] [LTO Tape] [Non-linear Editing Systems] [Subtitler] [Character Generators] [Media Converter] [Encoders] [Software and Systems] [Content Management Systems] [System Integration Technologies] [Database Technologies] [Storage Equipment] [Archive Systems] [Cloud Services] [Archive Systems] [Data Manager] [Other Cloud] [Server, HDD, Large Scale Storage] [H.264 Decoder/Encoders, HEVC Decoder/Encoder] [Transcoders] [Digital Cinema Filming Systems] [Digital Cinema Editing Systems] [Projection Systems] [On-demand Services and Contents] [Other Digital Cinema] [Other Movie Production]


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