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Dan Dugan Sound Design, Inc.

Address of Headquarters

290 Napoleon St. Unit E, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA

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Professional Audio Equipment /Hall2 /2317

Product Categories Planned for Exhibition

[Consoles, Mixers]

Highlights of the Booth

Now in its 50th year, Dan Dugan Sound Design creates automatic microphone mixing technology for use in live events.

An automatic microphone mixer controls a group of live microphones, turning up mics when someone is talking and turning down mics that are not being used. The real-time voice-activated process invented by Mr. Dugan maintains overall system gain and ensures everyone is being heard at the right time. The technologies invented by Dan Dugan are widely recognized for their “transparent” gain-sharing operation. Overall system gain is held at the level of one microphone, regardless of who is talking, how loudly (or softly) they are talking or how many people are trying to talk at once. Operation is simple: microphones are connected, system gain is set, and the automatic microphone mixer takes care of the rest. The result is clear, understandable audio without upcutting of microphones or shifts in noise.

Dugan products are used in news and sports programs, talk shows, corporate meetings, political debates, distance learning, live theater and other applications. In addition to manufacturing his own products and plug-in cards for other consoles, Dan Dugan licenses his technology to other manufacturers to build in to their products.

Product Names

Dugan Model E-2A  NEWNEW

This new automatic microphone mixing controller provides analog and ADAT I/O. The E-2A incorporates 28 channels of processing (12 balanced analog plus 16 ADAT) and supports all Dugan algorithms: Speech SystemTM, Music SystemTM and Gain LimitingTM. Channels may be grouped into three independent automixers. A six bus pre/post matrix mixer is also provided, with 56x6 capability. Four switched Ethernet ports are available for control. A bright OLED front panel enables setup directly from the device. The Model E-2A may be controlled remotely via the Dugan Control Panel for Java (included) or the Dugan Control Panel for iPad (sold separately); tactile remote control is available via the Dugan Model K Control Surface, also sold separately.


94124 290 Napoleon Street, San Francisco CA USA
CEO   Dan Dugan
[TEL]+1-415-821-9776   [FAX]+1-415-826-7699


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