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The 46th NAB-J Symposium of Broadcast TechnologyJapanese Only Admission Free

November 18 (Wed.) to 20 (Fri.) 3rd Floor, International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe
Sponsored by: The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan

11/19 (Thu.) Special Program Room 301


Tips and Tricks for IT-based Broadcast Infrastructure (Tentative)
Mr. Yoshiyuki Seki
Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Mr. Yuichi Hirose
TV Asahi Corporation
Ms. Kazue Hino
Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
Mr. Osamu Kawashima
Tokyo FM Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Mr. Keiji Toyama
TV Tokyo Corporation
Mr. Masashi Ito
Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Mr. Hidehiko Kikuchi
Nippon Television Network Corporation
Symposium of Broadcast Technology 11/18 (Wed.) 11/19 (Thu.) 11/20 (Fri.)
Room 301 10:30-15:05
Broadcast Operation
Special Program
Information Technology / Network
Room 302 10:30-16:20
Production Engineering
Production Engineering
Datacasting / Digital Services
Room 303 10:30-16:45
Network Linkage / Communication
Pictorial Image Technology
Sound Broadcasting / Audio

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The 11th NAB Tokyo SessionJapanese Only Charged / Prior Applications Required

November 18 (Wed.) 13:00 to 17:30
Convention Hall A, 2F, International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe
Organized by: NAB Tokyo Session Executive Committee / NAB Japan Representative Office
Cooperated by: National Association of Broadcasters (NAB, U.S.) / The Eizo Shimbun (Visual Communications Journal)
■Participation Fees: For the early birds ¥10,000 (Good through / October 31, 2009) Regular ¥13,000
■Registration / Questions: NAB Tokyo Session Office (weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00) Tel: +81-3-5444-6922 Fax: +81-3-5444-7602
■Information: http://www.nab-tokyo.com/

11/18 (Wed.) “The information and broadcasting revolution: The new communications and information laws on hardware and software development and its influence to the industry”

The NAB Tokyo Session will focus on “Recommendations for legal systems centered on communications and broadcasting” (regarding the new information and communications act), which is a report the Information and Communications Council submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on August 26, 2009. In view of these new developments, the session aims to enlighten participants regarding the contents of the new information and communications act while exploring the leadership directions the new Japanese government will take in the area of communications and broadcasting.


■Keynote Lecture

“Main points of the DPJ’s philosophies and policies regarding communications and broadcasting” (tentative)

Speaker: Mr. Masamitsu Naito, Vice Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications


■Lecture 1

“European Communications and Broadcasting System”

Speaker: Mr. Hidemi Suzuki, Professor, Osaka University Law School


■Lecture 2

“The Japan’s version of the FCC and the new information and communications laws”

Speaker: Mr. Minoru Sugaya, Professor, Institute for media and Communications Research, Keio University


Coffee Break


■Panel Discussion

“What effect will the new information and communication laws have on the communications and broadcasting industries? ― Understanding the core meanings of the policies”

Chairman: Mr. Yuji Suzuki, Chief Director, Programming Center, Programming Department, NHK

Panelists: Mr. Minoru Sugaya, Professor, Institute for media and Communications Research, Keio University
Representatives from Google, NTT, and commercial TV stations (under negotiation)

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11th DigiCon6 Pre-ConferenceJapanese Only Admission Free

November 20 (Fri.), 13:30-16:30
International Conference Room, 2F, International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe
Organized by: TBS DigiCon6 Management Secretariat
How to attend the conference: Seat reservations will be accepted at the door. Please come to the reception table ten minutes before the conference starts and stand in line for a seat that will be available on a first come, first served basis; reservation will close as soon as all seats are filled.

We will coordinate with “TBS DigiCon6”, the digital video contest started by TBS in 2000 to discover and develop CG creators, to invite creators from various countries and areas, mostly Asian, to talk about their work and circumstances surrounding content industries in their countries. We plan to invite video creators ― who were involved in the creation of film “ATOM”, which was released on October 10th, the TV show “Kanryo Tachi No Natsu” that was shown during the summer season, and a 3D live animation “TO” that started its DVD rental from October 2nd ― to give keynote speeches.

Ms. Mai Demizu (TBS announcer)

Program 1

■Invitational lecture: 3D live animation “TO”.

Mr. Fumihiko Sori

Mr. Fumihiko Sori

A film director, producer, and affiliate of TBS who joined James Cameron’s Digital Domain in 1996 and worked on the computer graphics for the film Titanic. Mr. Sori also supervised a number of VFX effects for domestic Japanese films and TV dramas, and in 2002, he made his debut as a film director, directing the hit movie Ping Pong that was well praised and received a number of movie awards for its avant-garde style. In 2004, he produced Appleseed, a full CG animation movie and in 2007, he directed his second film Vexille, which was released in 120 countries. He also directed Ichi — a new twist on the Zatoichi series starring a female actress Haruka Ayase in the main role — in 2008. And Mr. Sori also directed a 3D live anime movie called TO this year.

Program 2

■Special lecture: The TV drama “Kanryo Tachi No Natsu

Mr.Tadao Matsuno

Mr.Tadao Matsuno

Mr. Matsuno has been involved in a number of computer graphics and VFX effects productions for dramas, documentaries, and movies in the CG Dept. of the Division of TV Technology at TBS. While studing at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts as a visiting artist in 1999, he was also involved in VFX effects production for Hollywood movies at Sony Pictures in the U.S. Following this, he worked with Mr. Sori on the film Ping Pong as a CG director and in 2005, Mr. Matsuno joined OXYBOT as a CG visual effects superviser, working on projects such as the full CG animation film,Vexille in 2007. And this past summer, he was in charge of the TV drama, Kanryo Tachi No Natsu.

Program 3

Talk session with creators and media personnel from various countries/regions
(China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Singapore, Malaysia, Thai, and India).

Program 4

■Special lecture: The movie “ATOM”.

Mr. Felix Ip

Mr. Felix Ip

Felix Ip, is the Worldwide Creative Director based in Hong Kong. Felix has been with the company since it was set up in 2000, serving as the director and production designer on the studio's first production, the television series Zentrix. He was a co-producer of movie TMNT released in 2007. He is in charge of all design and creative issues relating to Astro Boy throughout the entire production, from character design to maintaining consistent in all movie art work and products. Prior to joining IMAGI, he has worked for over 10 years in graphic design, multimedia development and video games production.


Mr. Yasuhiro Yamaguchi

Mr. Yasuhiro Yamaguchi
Director of DigiCon6 Festival

Mr. Takashi Yuhki

Mr. Takashi Yuhki
Director of Inter BEE Asia Content Forum

■Information and Inquiries:

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