Dalet At InterBEE 2017

2017.11.06 UP

Dalet Showcases Advancements in Media Asset Management
and Orchestration Workflows at Inter BEE 2017

Tokyo, Japan – November 6th, 2017 – Dalet, a leading provider of solutions and services for broadcasters and content professionals, will demonstrate new technology advancements at the Inter BEE 2017 event (Hall 4 stand 4502) held in Tokyo, Japan November 15th through 19th. Headlining the Dalet demonstrations is the company’s flagship media asset management (MAM) and orchestration platform, Dalet Galaxy. “To optimize efficiencies, sports, news and program preparation, multiplatform distribution and archive workflows need to be considered at the heart of the operations, and not as an afterthought or a siloed process. The Dalet Galaxy MAM and orchestration platform is key to enabling efficiencies across these media verticals,” comments Takato Yamaguchi, Dalet Regional Manager. “A governance layer, Dalet Galaxy manages the stock and the preparation flow of all the program elements needed for outbound content on all distribution channels as well as those targeted for archive. Dalet experts will be available to talk with broadcasters and media companies about how Dalet Galaxy MAM and Orchestration capabilities can improve program prep, multiplatform distribution and archive efficiencies and ways they can transform their media operation and ultimately their business.”

Attendees to Inter BEE 2017 can book a private briefing with Dalet at http://www.dalet.com/events.

Orchestrating and Streamlining Enterprise Media Workflows
Dalet Galaxy is designed to integrate content pools and automate workflows across different verticals – such as programs, promos, news, sport, lifestyle and more. It provides a consolidated view of all media assets across the business with tools to easily automate and optimize workflows from acquisition to production and distribution of content to multiple broadcast platforms and publishing systems. Delivered with Dalet Report Center, Dalet Galaxy offers critical analytics specifically tailored for media operations, allowing management teams to measure performance throughout the chain and build data-driven strategies.

Dalet Galaxy MAM and Orchestration does not substitute existing MAM systems, but rather integrates them to access the media assets they hold and facilitate coherent enterprise-wide workflows. It presents a very cost-effective and “media aware” alternative to the classic and costly approach of deploying a generic ESB.

Extensive Integration Ecosystem
The Dalet Galaxy comes with a wide range of out-of-the-box connectors, from industry standards to custom-built partner technology integrations. These integrations range from simple connectors for file-based exchanges with applications such as file transfer engines, HSM, QC, media transcoders and content analysis; to complex adaptors for asset-based exchanges, enabling bi-directional communication with systems such as PAM/MAM/DAM, CMS, OVP, NRCS, graphic systems, traffic, scheduling and billing. For the more tech-savvy organizations, the Dalet Galaxy WebServices API allows for any ad hoc integration to be developed in-house or by a contractor.

Deeper Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC
The critical connect point for post-production, the recently updated HTML5 Dalet Xtend panel connects Adobe® Premiere Pro® CC users to the Dalet Galaxy platform, providing a direct gateway to shared assets and facilitating greater collaboration with the rest of the users on the Dalet Galaxy platform – such as journalists, prep editors, sports producers and other production personnel. Editors can save projects or sequences as assets in Dalet Galaxy, and share them with other Adobe Premiere Pro editors connected to Dalet. New features and capabilities include support for multi-sequence export, locator inheritance, configurable metadata forms for exporting content and support for “while” scenarios when exporting from Adobe Premiere Pro.

Cloud Enabled
Further to that, when it comes to leveraging cloud capabilities, Dalet Galaxy is a real enabler, allowing to combine in a single workflow a mix of processes that use dedicated, on-premise resources and processes that dynamically consume Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. The framework is also ready for next-generation adaptors to connect new types of services such as artificial intelligence (AI) models that need to be driven with context and feedback.

Video-Over-IP and Virtualizing Your I/O Server
The Dalet Brio high-density I/O platform supports the latest IP standards adopted across the industry – SMPTE 2202-2, SMPTE 2202-6 and the recently published SMPTE 2110. The latest version of Dalet Brio no longer has dependency on a physical video board, allowing for a full virtualization of the I/O service, opening doors to more agile, next-generation video network configurations.