IABM Pavilion at Inter BEE 2008

2008.11.19 UP

On Communications Cooperation between IABM (International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers: www.theiabm.org ) and Inter BEE, IABM has organized the IABM Pavilion to increase participation by European companies in Inter BEE, as a special promotion for Inter BEE.

Mr. Roger Stanwell, Chief Executive Officer of IABM -

"The IABM is delighted to work with InterBEE 2008 to provide a cost effective introduction to the Japanese market for new international exhibitors. The IABM Pavilion is a concept which allows customers and member companies to meet in an informal atmosphere to build new relationships and explore business opportunities. Axon BV from Holland (www.axon.tv ) and TSL from the UK, (www.tsl.co.uk) will be exhibiting on the Pavilion supported by staff from IABM"