Inter BEE 2007 Official Web Site Renewal

2007.07.23 UP

The Inter BEE 2007 Official Web Site has been renewed and this year’s outline of events as well as the list of exhibitors can now be viewed!

Just like last year, we have implemented a system that encourages exhibitors to create their own web page directly on-line and this information is ready to be viewed in real-time!
And as a new attraction for this year, we have added a link called My Guide where visitors can bookmark exhibitors of interest prior to coming to the show and create a handy personal guide.
The Management Secretariat at Inter BEE hopes that My Guide will help visitors and exhibitors become more familiar with each other, leading to new business opportunities.
We hope that your visit to Inter BEE 2007 will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Thank you.