[Press release] INTER BEE EXPERIENCE Outline

2014.10.15 UP

October 15, 2014

Press Release
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association

Inter BEE 2014: 50th Anniversary Event
Line Array Speaker Demo!

“Inter BEE 2014,” which will be held in Makuhari Messe (Mihama Ward, Chiba City) over three days from November 19 (Wednesday) to 21 (Friday), 2014, will put on a demo of line array speakers that is difficult to implement in exhibition venues as “INTER BEE EXPERIENCE” on November 20 (Thursday) in Makuhari Messe Event Hall to commemorate our 50th anniversary.

Together with this, we will hold an anniversary live party as a gathering to express our gratitude for 50 years of Inter BEE after the close of the exhibition.

There is no cost to participate in either of these events (Inter BEE 2014 admission registration is required). If you wish to participate, please use the event function on the official page of Inter BEE on Facebook.

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■ INTER BEE EXPERIENCE: A Place for New Experiences
On the occasion of celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, Inter BEE has launched “INTER BEE EXPERIENCE” with the aim of providing a place where it is possible for users to even more effectively come into contact with products, technology and information through hands-on experiences in order to further enhance our function as an exhibition with a focus on the future as Japan’s premier professional exhibition of audio, video and communications.

There has never been an opportunity to listen to the equipment used in concert and event venues in a space close to that of the actual environment or to take part in a live demo at an exhibition in Japan before. Inter BEE will deploy a hands-on-experience project that will enable presentations to be given at the same time as demonstrations of products in a large space.

■ Japan First! Feeling, Excitement and Discovery
Part 1: Line Array Speaker Demo
There will be a demo of hanging line array speakers with the participation of acoustic companies for the first time at an exhibition in Japan. It will be possible to listen to the performance of speakers through a “mega-volume demo” using the large space of the event hall. We would like users to feel the features and individualities of the products of each company, so please use this as a chance to select speakers and expand business opportunities.

■ From Japan! Live Entertainment
Part 2: Anniversary Live Party
The 50th anniversary event is “live entertainment” emanating from Japan and being delivered around the world that will fuse together “video, sound, lighting and performance.” The creative power of Japan will be showcased to the world through a joint production with Rhizomatiks, a content creators group which is now attracting attention from the world in addition to Japan.

The aim of Inter BEE is to give awards for live entertainment from next year onwards. Please join us in this opportunity for new hands-on experiences that will link the next generation and the future.

■ Name: Inter BEE 50th Anniversary Event: INTER BEE EXPERIENCE
■ Date: November 20 (Thursday), 2014
■ Venue: Makuhari Messe Event Hall
■ Part 1: Line Array Speaker Demo (10:30-16:40)
Support: Stage Sound Association of Japan and Japan Stage Sound Business Cooperative
■ Part 2: Anniversary Live Party (17:40-19:40)
Joint Planning: Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd.
Live Party Sponsor: ZIMA
■ Attendance: Free (Inter BEE 2014 admission registration is required)
■ Support: Sony Corporation and Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd.