Inter BEE 2007 Opens Nov. 20(Tuesday) - on the largest scale ever!

2007.11.19 UP

JEITA, the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (Chairman: Katsuhiko Machida, Chairman & CEO of Sharp Corporation) with the support of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) and the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan (NAB-J), is sponsoring Inter BEE 2007 - the Professional Show for Audio, Video and Communications - which will be held for a 3-day period from November 20 (Tue) to 22 (Thu) at Makuhari Messe (Mihama-ku, Chiba City).

The confirmed number of exhibitors at this year's event is 754 (an increase of 21 over last year), with a total of 2,013 exhibition booths (an increase of 127). These figures represent new records, making this the largest Inter BEE held. And at Makuhari Messe, the event will be held in halls 2 to 8. It is expected that the number of visitors over the 3-day period will exceed the 35,000 recorded last year.

All over the world TV broadcasters are switching to digital. Japan will terminate analog services in less than four years, and already the service area for terrestrial digital broadcasting exceeds 80% of the nation. As for the viewers, the number of televisions capable of receiving digital signals has topped 25 million. The spectacular progress of video technologies heralds the dawn of a new age in HD production for the industry, the start of next-generation broadcasting. And this, coupled with the synergies that result from the fusion of broadcasting and communications, is leading to high expectations for new services that are just around the corner.

Having started in 1965, this is now the 43rd Inter BEE. As one of the world's three main exhibitions of broadcasting equipment - alongside NAB in America and IBC in Europe - it brings together the best of broadcasting, video and audio equipment, as well as related applications and solutions from Japan and abroad. But more than that: it serves as an ideal venue for the international exchange of technical information and the creation of new business opportunities for anybody involved in broadcasting and all professionals connected with studios, post-production work and content creation.
Held concurrently in the International Conference Hall at Makuhari Messe is Inter BEE Forum 2007 (admission free), a technical forum that is closely tied in with the equipment exhibition.
Comprising a broadcasting business symposium, a video symposium, and an audio symposium, Inter BEE Forum 2007 will feature creative professionals and engineers active on the cutting edge of video, audio and broadcasting media. Topics include "The future of the broadcasting business: Content - What is happening in Asia?!," "New trends in digital content creation driven by technical innovations in hardware, software and networks," and "Outlook and overseas trends in commercial surround production for digital broadcasting." For three days, Nov. 20-22, Inter BEE Forum 2007 will be delivering industry news and other information of interest to the world.
Three other events are being held concurrently: DTV Workshop 2007 (admission free), which will focus on issues and developments involving Japan’s switchover to digital terrestrial broadcasting in 2011; the 44th Technical Report Conference of Commercial Broadcasting, hosted by the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan (NAB-J) (admission free); and the IPTV Summit (admission charged), which will examine IPTV, a topic that has been attracting much attention at NAB, IBC and other international broadcasting industry events.

For details of the various programs and other information, visit the official website:

At this exhibition you will be able to catch up with the latest trends in technology and products in the fields of broadcasting, communications and broadband. We also feel sure that you will find this an ideal venue for the international exchange of technical information and the creation of new business opportunities.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Ishizaki, Mr.Onishi

Japan Electronics Show Association(JESA)

TEL:(03)5402-7601 FAX:(03)5402-7605

Inter BEE Press Room (Exhibition Hall 5 at Makuhari Messe from Nov.20 to 22)

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