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【Inter BEE 2015】 Featuring content expanded from last year, including "Experience Event" content, open November 18-20 — Start conference and exhibition pre-registration

The exhibition hall, where a variety of new 4K.8K products are on exhibit
The exhibition hall, where a variety of new 4K.8K products are on exhibit
An assembly of state-of-the-art broadcasting and video production-related tools
An assembly of state-of-the-art broadcasting and video production-related tools
Inter BEE Connected, crowded with visitors last year
Inter BEE Connected, crowded with visitors last year
The Line Array Speaker Experience Demo. This year, it will be open for all three days
The Line Array Speaker Experience Demo. This year, it will be open for all three days

 The Japan Electronics and Information Technologies Industry Association (JEITA) will hold the "Inter BEE 2015" video and communication expo (the 2015 51st Annual International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition) for three days from November 18 through 20 at Makuhari Messe (Mihama Ward, Chiba City). Pre-registration for entrance to the event has been made available starting October 6 on the event website (www.inter-bee.com). Keynote address and conference registration was also started at that time.
 Although a variety of new events and sessions were introduced at last year's 50th anniversary, content will be even more plentiful this year, with a bevy of new activities. This introduction extends to additional activities that were not included in July's introductory meeting.

■ Terrestrial-wave, satellite broadcasting, networking and cable TV specialists, all at one event
 At "Keynote Address 1" (11/18, 10:20-12:20, free), the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, joined by representatives from NHK, SKY Perfect JSAT, NTT Plala, Jupiter Telecommunications and NexTV-F, will take the stage around the theme of "48.8K Roadmap 2015: Future Business Outlook."

■ Inter BEE Connected, full of content
 There has also been a rapid increase in the availability of internet-based video-on-demand services, with offerings such as missed episode viewing, foreign dramas and original content for viewing on multiple devices. Along with exhibits from network distribution companies, the special "Inter BEE Connected" event will feature presentations and panel discussions each day by key people at the forefront of media technology convergence around nine themes closely followed in the broadcasting world.
 On the 18th, the first day of the event, three sessions will be conducted: "Changes in viewing Styles and Business Opportunities," "Possibilities and Issues Around 4K as a Medium of Video Expression: Learning From the Efforts of Local TV Producers" and "Video Distribution of Flagship Stations (On-Demand)." The second day, the 19th, will feature "The State of the Broadcasting Industry in the US: Strategies of the Major TV Networks and Their Effects," "Efforts Toward Simultaneous Broadcast Retransmission" and "The Efforts of Local Broadcasting Stations to Establish New Fronts in Media Technology Convergence." The final day, the 20th, will feature "Cable Platforms (From a Content Perspective)," "The Value of Television Ratings as Measured in a Variety of Ways" and "The Future of Advertising According to Sponsors."
 All of these sessions will be invaluable events led by key people from the TV and movie distribution industries as well as the industry that supports them, the world of advertising.

■ Representatives from "TVer" public commercial TV portal participating networks take the stage
 At "Keynote Address 2" (11/18, 12:40-14:40, free), panelists from Nippon Television Network, TV Asahi, TBS TV, TV Tokyo and Fuji Television Network will discuss the theme "The 'TVer' Public Commercial TV Portal Kickoff: Considering the Future of Video Distribution".

■ Expanded Line Array Speaker Experience Demo — 13 companies participating over three days
 Last year's event has been expanded as the "Inter BEE Experience." Last year's single-day "Line Array Speaker Experience Demo" will be expanded to three days and the number of participating companies will be raised from nine to 13.

■ Outdoor drone flight demo to be held
 In addition, on the topic of recording footage by aerial drone, which is in high demand in the video production world, an outdoor flight demo on safe operation for professionals for the first time this year.

 In addition, the following conferences will be held.
【Special Lectures】 (Free) ▽ "Considering Next-Generation TV Broadcasting Services for the 'My Number' Era:" A speech by the governor of Tokushima Prefecture will be delivered as well as a panel discussion moderated by a University of Tokyo Graduate School professor.
【Invited Lectures】 (Free) ▽ Leaders of overseas companies and groups will come to Japan to participate in a multi-day introduction of the latest projects and trends, such as proposals for the usage of web services offered by Microsoft, Amazon and others and efforts by the Brazilian Society of Television Engineering toward the Rio Olympic Games.
【Symposiums】 (Free)
▽ Video Symposium: "New Content Creation Trends: The Impact on Big Data Visualization" ▽ Voice Symposium: "The Present and Future of 700M-Band Wireless Migration: Four More Years Until the 2019 Total Frequency Migration"
【Tutorial Sessions】 (Admission Charged) ▽ Paid lecture sessions for junior engineers will be held on subjects such as difficult-to-obtain and rarely-taught know-how
【Third Japan Post Production Conference】 (Concurrent/Free) ▽ Japanese-language versions of paid sessions given at "NAB Show" in the US will be offered this year as well. Specialists from overseas will lecture on four topics that generated high levels of attention in the US

※ Inter BEE Online will provide additional details on the above events as necessary and will provide information before the event including information about participating companies' exhibitions. Also, video bulletins will be available featuring the exhibitions of all participants during the event.

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