SiTune Corp

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2216 Ringwood Ave, San Jose, CA 95131 USA
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Video Production/Broadcast Equipment / Hall3 / 3302
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Exhibitor's Press Release

Rohde & Schwarz and SiTune Demonstration
SiTune STN6528 ISDB-S3 Tuner

Highlights of the Booth

SiTune Corporation is a semiconductor company developing silicon tuners, transceivers, and wireless radios. At Inter BEE SiTune is announcing the availability of STN6528 production samples. The STN6528 is the industry’s first tuner to support the new Advanced Wide Band Digital Satellite Broadcasting Standard ISDB-S3 (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting for Satellite, 3rd generation, ARIB STD-B44) used to broadcast 8K Super Hi-VISION digital television (TV) via satellite.

SiTune will be demonstrating their tuner along with the Socionext SC1501A Demodulator Evaluation Board with the signal coming from a Rohde and Schwarz Satellite Load Generator (SLG) Test Equipment.

Product Names

STN6528 ISDB-S3 Silicon Tuner New

The STN6528 is a highly integrated low-power single-chip IC tuner expressly designed to support 8K ISDB-S3 television requirements. It is capable of receiving both satellite and terrestrial (or cable) bands at the same time, where the satellite portion of the device receives frequencies up to 3.22GHz in accordance with Japan’s new ISDB-S3 standard. The STN6528 covers two frequency ranges: from 44 MHz to 1 GHz (terrestrial or cable) and from 950 MHz to 3224 MHz (satellite).

Event Information

ISDB-S3 Signal Reception Demonstration

Enforcing date : 11.15(Wed)・16(Thu)・17(Fri)

An ISDB-S3 signal will be generated by the Rohde & Schwarz Satellite Load Generator (SLG) Test Equipment and sent to the SiTune STN6528 Silicon Tuner and then sent to the Socionext SC1501A ISDB-S3 Demodulator where you can see the reception of the signal.


254-0045Lions Mansion Second, Room 313, 41-31 Mitsuke-cho Hiratsuka-City Kanagawa Japan
Country Manager   Tadami Taniguchi

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