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6F, 10th Bldg. Jiuxiang Ling Industrial Park, Ave Xili, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China
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Video Production/Broadcast Equipment / Hall2 / 2403
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Hall 2 2403
Gudsen MOZA was founded in 2012 with a goal to becoming the most innovative camera stabilizer manufacturer. With a genius R&D team consisting of filmmakers and industry veterans from automotive, Gudsen excels in all-round technical fields including automotive, robotics, software, and hardware. Gudsen offers complete software and hardware solutions.
Gudsen aims at empowering the dreamer in any creative filmmaker with intuitive stabilizers and features that improve workflow. Gudsen is passionate about creating comprehensive camera stabilization systems and solutions for the video professional.

Product Names


The MOZA Air has been designed to carry all mirrorless cameras and DSLRs (5.5lbs). The Air delivers amazingly smooth and stable shots with advanced stabilization technology and intelligent control. Featuring advanced motion timelapse and mimic motion control functionality with the MOZA Assistant App and MOZA thumb controller offers the operator incredible flexibility and creative potential.

MOZA Lite2

The best video stabilization system for your small cinema cameras and large bodied DSLRs! Built for professional videographers and filmmakers, the MOZA Lite 2 utilizes powerful PMSM motors with high resolution digital positioning encoders combining advanced FOC algorithms to provide precision control and deliver incredibly smooth footage.

MOZA Aircross New

The super light MOZA AirCross is a compact gimbal for all mirrorless or pocket digital cameras, GoPros and even smartphones. Thanks to it’s aerospace industry-grade aluminum body, MOZA Aircross weights only 800g but has a maximum payload of 1300g.


F/6,10th Building, Jiuxiang Ling Industrial Park, Shenzhen, China
General Manager   CY Guan

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