AVT Audio Video Technologies GmbH

Address of Headquarters
Nordostpark 91, 90411 Nuernberg, Germany
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Video Production/Broadcast Equipment / Hall2 / 2502
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Highlights of the Booth

20 years AVT – we have excelled as manufacturer for high-quality audio transmission systems. Thanks to our well-established and highly skilled team, we have a tremendous wealth of experience and innovative ideas.
AVT provides complete solutions – besides Talkshow Systems in all variants, we offer Audio Codecs and complete DAB/DAB+ headends.

Product Names

MAGIC Telephone Hybrid

We present the interworking between our MAGIC Telephone Hybrids and LAWO or DHD mixing consoles via Ember+ and DHD SetLogic commands, further highlights are AES67, Dante and MAGIC THipPro ACconnect (to control/integrate the MAGIC ACip3 Audio Codec via the MAGIC THipPro user interface).

MAGIC Audio Codec

Audio Codecs are needed for high-quality Audio transmissions over different networks like IP, ISDN, 2-Mbit/s (E1) and X.21. Over IP and ISDN, both Leased Line connections as well as temporary dial-up connections can be used. There is a wide range of applications in which Audio Codecs are required, such as e.g. reporting, studio programme contribution and distribution as well as Studio-Transmitter-Links.

Other Product Information

The digital broadcast technology DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a broadband system, with which several programmes (Audio and data services) can be transmitted from one or more programme providers in one Ensemble.


D-90411Nordostpark 91
Marketing & Sales Manager   Annemarie Hübner
[TEL]+49 911 5271 0   [FAX]+49 911 5271 100

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