NIXUS Hokkaido Nikko Telecommunications, Co., Ltd.

Address of Headquarters
060-0041 12-33, 7-chome, Odori Higashi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Hokkaido 060-0041 Japan
Category / Hall / Booth
Video Production/Broadcast Equipment / Hall3 / 3413
Product Categories Planned for Exhibition
[Virtual Realities] [Augmented Reality] [3D Scenography] [Computer Graphics] [Digital Signage Editing/Control Systems] [Digital Signage Delivery Systems and Services] [IT Solutions] [Graphic Systems] [External Information Response Systems] [Editing Devices] [Subtitler] [Title Production Systems] [Character Generators] [Composite Systems and Software] [CG Production Systems] [Animation Production Systems] [Virtual Studio Systems] [Software and Systems] [Content Management Systems] [Other Postproduction-related Equipment] [Video Delivery Systems] [Video Delivery Services] [Internet Broadcasting Systems]

Highlights of the Booth

"Grab the Future" is the main concept for this year of NIXUS, Hokkaido Nikko Telecommunications. With this concept we are proudly introduce the futuristic systems including "CG-NEXTA", a powerful and cost-effective CG generator, "S-PORTER", CG system specialized for sports that NIXUS has been long providing to Japanese market, and "Celio", unique easy-to-operate one-of-a-kind Excel® driven CG system.

In addition, We have already tagged with NewTek for Tricaster and NDI® which made production of CG over IP possible, that high quality NIXUS CG can be realized in live streaming.

NIXUS also enhanced systems like reflecting SNS info to CG, working together with non-linear editing software, and more.
We will present the brand new CG system expanding to and connecting with countless platforms.

Product Names


"CG-NEXTA" is the next generation total CG system with the inherited DNA of "CG-Store", deployed and used at the TV stations throughout the nation over the years.
With the sophisticated work flow with customizable software and hardware with your choice makes it possible to realize effective production from ordering to on-air.
At "CG-NEXTA", any task can be divided into sections and specific application works at each section. Each operator is also designated to certain sections and only these sections will be shown on their menu, this also means only permitted user can access allowed section which will ensure the security of the contents.
For last but not least, "CG-NEXTA" carries both 4K and 8K, and if the image is HD, it will be seamlessly converted to 4K.


"S-PORTER" is a 2D/3D CG generator specialized for sports broadcasting. "S-PORTER" covers various kinds of sports and each template is well focused for the operations of the sport, or it can be customized as you wish it to be. Even after the deployment of the system for a certain sport for your broadcasting, "S-PORTER" is flexible for other kind of sports, you may only apply different template for the sport and run the system, that's all.
The flexibility of "S-PORTER" goes even further to the hardware settings, it can be well built fixed system or compact mobile type of system. Also, the combinations of the hardware can be any form. You may have 2 PCs to output one OA or 1 PC for dual OA.
"S-PORTER" shares the same rendering engine of NIXUS that it will open up limitless possibility.

Celio New

This revolutionary SDK Celio is using Microsoft Excel VBA to give you the ability to create real time 2D/3D graphics system. Use Excel to gather all kind of information and also possible to render and output in real time. On-air graphics are also high quality. Dedicated design application allows you to freely create dynamic 3D and movies graphics.
Up to now real time graphics have been very expensive, but Celio dramatically reduce the cost while maintaining high quality system. For broadcasting, Internet distribution, also for event production, Celio is your perfect partner for any kind of scenes.

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