Nippon Control System Corporation

Address of Headquarters
150-0013 Mitomi Bldg. 5F, 1-20-18 Ebisu Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013 Japan
Category / Hall / Booth
Video Production/Broadcast Equipment / Hall6 / 6109
Product Categories Planned for Exhibition
[Measuring Equipment and Converters] [Design, Development and Manufacturing for Broadcast Equipment] [Video Servers] [Storage Equipment]

Highlights of the Booth

At Inter BEE 2017, Nippon Control System Corporation (NCS) introduces UHDTV 4K/8K Broadcast and Video Equipment.
DRB8000 Series is high-end data recorder for UHDTV, which records and playbacks up to 240Gbps.
DAB8000 mini Series is multi-function analyzer for UHDTV, which has six functions in one equipment, wave form monitor, protocol analyzer, pattern generator, audio analyzer, signal converter and focus assist.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Inter BEE 2017.

Product Names

UHDTV Data Recorder - DRB8000 Series -

DRB8000 Series can record 30 minutes of uncompressed UHDTV 8K 120Hz RGB444 video. (The effective transmission rate is 200Gbps.)
Playback uncompressed data enables algorithm evaluation and the development of products related to UHDTV.
The interface for 24 core optical fiber cable with the U-SDI standard is mounted. With optional interface converter unit, DRB8000 Series support 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI and Display Port.
Unprecedented big touch screen and thumbnail view enhance user-friendliness and operability. Using specialized hardware enables quick access to large amounts of data.

UHDTV Multifunction Analyzer - DAB8000 mini Series -

DAB8000 mini Series is a 6-in-1 analyzer for developing UHDTV 8K equipment, including waveform monitor, protocol analyzer, pattern generator,audio analysis, signal converter and focus assist.
The interface for 24 core optical fiber cable with the U-SDI standard is mounted. DAB8000 mini Series also supports 12G-SDI and 3G-SDI as an option.


222-00332-7-9 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, JAPAN
Mariko Kanno
[TEL]+81-45-477-5800   [FAX]+81-45-477-5811

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