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Am Wolfsmantel 33, 91058 Erlangen, Germany
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Professional Audio Equipment / Hall2 / 2307
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[Audio-compression/Transmission Technology] [Radiobroadcast Systems] [Virtual Realities] [Audio System Archive] [Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Systems] [Multimedia Broadcast] [4G/5G]

Highlights of the Booth

When it comes to advanced audio technologies, Fraunhofer IIS stands alone. From the creation of mp3 and the co-development of AAC to the future of audio entertainment for broadcast, Fraunhofer IIS brings innovations in sound to reality. Fraunhofer IIS has more than 1000 licensees and enabled over 10 billion products.

At InterBEE 2017, Fraunhofer IIS presents its latest audio technologies Fraunhofer Cingo, MPEG-H Audio and xHE-AAC.

Product Names

Fraunhofer Cingo® for the best-in-class immersive sound experience on VR New

Fraunhofer Cingo optimizes the 3D audio rendering on VR devices and applications with a stunning level of immersion, creating the experience of “being there”. Cingo’s reference customers include Samsung who integrated Cingo into the first generation of the »Gear VR«, LG for its »LG 360 VR« glasses as well as Hulu who integrated Cingo in its app for mobile and tethered VR experiences.
In addition to immersive sound, Cingo enables excellent surround sound over stereo speakers and headphones when playing any media content on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.
Thanks to loudness optimization, Cingo also improves the intelligibility of dialog and commentary making clear, authentic sound possible even in noisy environments. Cingo has been utilized in devices worldwide.

Cingo Composer: Simplified immersive sound production for Virtual Reality New

Looking for a tool that simplifies mixing immersive sound for VR? If so, be sure to check out the Cingo Composer plugin at InterBEE! We recently released a BETA version of the plugin that allows sound designers to easily mix, pan and monitor audio channels, ambisonics audio, as well as audio objects using Fraunhofer Cingo.
The plugin supports export of MPEG-H ready audio essence and metadata, plus export of FOA and 5.1 for legacy platforms. Therefore, you only need to mix once for any distribution channel.

MPEG-H 3D Audio: The new audio codec for 4K/8K TV New

MPEG-H 3D Audio is the first next generation audio system to be used in terrestrial 4K TV: Since May 2017, the new UHD TV system in South Korea is on-air utilizing the MPEG-H TV Audio System. Next year, viewers in Korea will enjoy the benefits of the new audio codec during the TV broadcast of the Olympic Winter Games. Viewers can set the audio mix for a program to their individual preferences, for example:

- Choose between different languages and boost hard to understand dialogue.
- Set the volume of the commentator or separately listen to the announcers or sideline mics.

The immersive 3D sound of MPEG-H 3D Audio also provides a truly realistic sound experience.
The MPEG-H TV Audio System is part of the ATSC 3.0 standard and the DVB A/V codec specification.

Other Product Information

Audio for Mobile Music & Video Streaming with very low bit rates (12 kbit/s stereo,8 kbit/s mono)

Event Information

InterBEE Conference

Enforcing date : 11.17(Fri)

Fahim Nawabi
Presentation Title:
Cingo® & MPEG-H, Immersive Audio for VR and next generation 4K/8K TV


Representative Japan   Fahim Nawabi

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