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Papa Joan Pawel Ⅱ Sq 6, Sofia 1164, BULGARIA
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Professional Audio Equipment / Hall2 / 2313
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[Mastering Equipment and Systems] [Converters] [Interface]

Highlights of the Booth

Antelope Audio is a leading manufacturer of high-end professional and home audio devices. Antelope Audio have pioneered technologies like FPGA FX modeling and atomic audio clocking. In 2017 the company introduced Discrete 4 and Discrete 8 – their most affordable audio interfaces so far. These units not only offered the renowned Antelope sound, clocking and conversion on competitive price, but employ innovative features as discrete console-grade mic preams and FPGA-powered mic and preamp modeling.

Тhe past few years the company has had a strong presence on the digital audio interface market. Featuring Antelope's industry-renowned Acoustically Focused Clocking jitter management technology and pristine AD/DA conversion, the Antelope devices also offer extended connectivity and the highest analog and digital I/O count on the market. The manufacturer introduced a growing line of FPGA-based FX models of legendary studio gear including EQs, compressors, guitar amps and cabinets.
The Antelope Audio interfaces are divided in two categories. Best-sellers as Orion32+, Goliath, Orion Studio and Zen Tour can be found under the USB & Thunderbolt interfaces banner. In 2017 the company started its own HD line of audio interfaces. Antelope units as Orion32 HD, Goliath HD and Orion Studio HD are making its way to numerous Pro Tools-centered facilities and winning the hearts of audio professionals all across the globe.
For over a decade now Antelope Audio has been providing their customers with state of the art solutions for a constantly evolving music industry standard. Among the customers and endorsers of Antelope Audio you'll find many Grammy award-winning sound engineers, world-famous artists, pop stars and some of the most renowned recording, mastering and post-production studios around the globe.

Product Names

Discrete 4 & 8 Console-grade discrete microphone preamp interfaces New

The Discrete 4 & 8 Microphone Preamp Interfaces bring a new level of sound quality and power to home studios and mobile recordists. Unique for their console-grade, 6-transistor discrete preamps, they also feature 121 db dynamic range conversion and rock solid clocking.
Discrete 4 & 8 include Accusonic microphone and preamp models, guitar amps, transformer and tube FX, including models of BAE, Lang and Gyraf Audio – soon accessible in any DAW via the upcoming AFX2DAW Plugin.
Discrete 4 is a 14 in, 20 out interface featuring 4 analog ins, 4 analog line outs, stereo monitor outs and 4 headphone outs. Discrete 8 is a 26 in, 32 out interface with 8 analog ins, 8 analog outs on DB25, a pair of monitor outs, 2 HP outs and 2 ReAmps. Additional digital connectivity comes on S/PDIF and ADAT.

Edge & Verge Modeling Microphones by Antelope Audio New

Edge and Verge are modeling microphones suited for the Antelope Audio real-time mic preamp modeling. Transform Edge and Verge into classic and expensive microphones while retaining full control over proximity effect, off-axis response and directionality.
Edge features dual edge-terminated capsules for a smooth/natural sound reproducing the expressiveness and character of expensive classic microphones. Edge is an exquisite large diaphragm microphone with excellent transient response and capable of multiple polar patterns.
Verge is a small diaphragm modeling microphone suited for both nuanced accuracy and high SPL recording. Also exhibiting excellent performance on it’s own, it can take on the character and personality of the world’s best small diaphragm condensers and electrets.

Zen Tour ThunderboltTM & USB desktop audio interface

Zen Tour is a ThunderboltTM & USB desktop audio interface with 4 class-A Mic/Line inputs, 4 extra Hi-Z, Line ins, 2 transformer reamps and built-in Talkback. Zen Tour gives users full access to the ever-growing Antelope Audio selection of authentic real-time FX models of iconic gear from manufacturers like BAE, Grove Hill, Gyraf Audio and Lang. These will soon be accessible in the DAW via the upcoming AFX2DAW Plugin. Featuring both Antelope's signature flawless clocking and conversion Zen Tour brings top studio sound in its class and beyond.

Other Product Information

HDX Interfaces – Goliath HD, Orion Studio HD, Orion32 HD

Thunderbolt & USB Interfaces – Orion Studio Rev. 2017, Goliath, Orion32+

Satori High-End Monitoring Controller

10MX Atomic Master Clock

LiveClock Portable Master Clock

Event Information

11月15日(水)午後3時30分~ オーディオクロックの世界 by Antelope

Enforcing date : 11.15(Wed)

11月16日(木)午後2時~ DSPはもう古い、次世代のデジタルエフェクト FPGA FX

Enforcing date : 11.16(Thu)

11月17日(金)午後2時~ 次世代スタジオのスタンダード Antelope HD シリーズ

Enforcing date : 11.17(Fri)


+359 888 025 1076 Pope John Paul II, sq., 1724 Sofia, Bulgaria
Sales Specialist   Radoslav Milanov
[FAX]+81 3 6730 9663

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