Exhibitor Categories / Products to be Exhibited

Video Production/Broadcast Equipment

Broadcasting Equipment Total System
Video Server Systems, Workflow on File Base, Digital Archives, Storage, Ultra High-Definition Program Production Systems, Large-Scale Routing Switcher, Production Switcher, Loudness Meter, Multi Viewers, MAM Solution, Content distribution platform, Automatic Program Output Systems (TV Radio), Automatic CM Output Systems(TV Radio), IT Solutions, Graphic Libraries System, Film and Telecine, Other Broadcasting Equipment Total Systems
Enterprise System/Program Production Systems
Enterprise Systems, Business Broadcast Systems, Commercial Message Archive, Data Management Systems, Master Output Systems, Editing System for News Report, Graphic Systems, External Information Response Systems, Other Business-critical/Program Production Systems
Relay Systems / Transmission Systems
Base Station Facilities, FPUs, IP Transmission, Optical Line, Satellite Transmission, OB Van, Vehicle-mounted Systems and Peripheral Equipment, Communications Radios, Emergency News Systems, Modulators, Demodulators, Amplifiers, Antennas, Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Systems, Multimedia Broadcast, Radio Broadcasting, Satellite Broadcasting, Cable Television, Data Broadcasting Systems, Video Delivery Networks, CDN, Transmission Cables, Wireless Systems, Fiber Optics, Other Relay Systems / Broadcasting Systems
Various Broadcasting-related Equipment and Services
Electric Power Units, Measuring Equipment and Converters, Design, Development and Manufacturing for Broadcast Equipment, Semiconductors, Components, Studio System Design, Construction Maintenance, Dispatched Engineers, Other Broadcasting-related Equipment and Services
HDTV Systems, Studio Cameras, Video Camera Recorder with VTR, Camcorder, Ultra HD Cameras, Digital Cinema Cameras, 3D Cameras, Crane Cameras, Lenses, Video Servers, File Server Systems, Memory Cards, Memory Devices, Optical Disks, LTO Tape, Video Tape, Various Monitors, Multiple Monitor Displays, Prompters, Other Production-related Equipment
Stand-by and Peripheral Products
Drones, Gimbal, Stabilizer, Pedestals, Camera Tripods, Camera Platforms, Cranes, Jib, Dolly, Steadycams, Cabinets, Racks, Furniture, Camera Carrying Cases, Other Specialized Equipment and Peripheral Products
Editing Devices, Switchers, Routing Switchers, Non-linear Editing Systems, Visual Effects, Color Correction, Painting Systems, Subtitler, Title Production Systems, Character Generators, Composite Systems and Software, Media Converter, Encoders, CG Production Systems, Animation Production Systems, Virtual Studio Systems, Motion Capture Systems, Software and Systems, Content Management Systems, System Integration Technologies, Database Technologies, Storage Equipment, Archive Systems, Other Postproduction-related Equipment
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