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151-0066 1-29-2 Nishihara Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0066 Japan
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Professional Audio Equipment / Hall1 / 1215
Product Categories Planned for Exhibition
[Digital Audio Workstation] [Consoles, Mixers] [Converters] [Effectors] [Amplifiers, Processor, Equalizer] [Speakers] [Players] [Audiometer, Loudness-related Equipment] [Acoustic design/control] [Audio Equipment for Movie Theater and Commerce Facility] [PA system, Live Sound System] [Headphones, Headset, Ear Monitor, Intercoms]

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Highlights of the Booth


Product Names

Wheatstone「SERIES FOUR」TV Audio Console New

NEW! This entry-level professional console is made to work with today's production automation systems, yet has all the important broadcast-specific features, such as automatic studio muting, machine control logic, 5.1 surround capability, balanced or unbalanced AES inputs, router integration, and flexible monitoring capability.
• 24 motorized input faders
• 2 main mix busses: one 5.1 program, one stereo program
• Submasters: 4 stereo
• Mix-Minus: 8 mono with automatic confidence feed switching
• Auxiliary sends: 2 stereo (direct rotary control from fader channel)
• Bus minus: direct mix-minus feed from every input fader channel
• 4 mix-minus busses in addition to bus-minus system
and more

Out Board「TiMax2 SoundHub」Digital Matrix New

• 16 x 16 programmable audio matrix base platform
• Expandable up to 64 x 64 in a single 2U chassis, networkable into much larger systems
• Analogue or AES3 digital I/O plus optional Cobranet, Ethersound, MADI and Dante
• Internal hard disk 16 up to 64-track audio playback server and effects
• Multiband parametric input and output equalisation
• Routing and EQ libraries transferable between Shows
• Delay matrix for static and dynamic audio localisation and panning
• Multi-client PC and Mac software for show programming and control
• SoundHub-R and –S both controllable by TiMax Tracker
• Advanced smooth delay-panning algorithms for ultimate transparency
• Standalone operation for Cue/Preset recall and Zone level control
• MIDI, SMPTE, GPIO, XML control and triggering
and more

Omnia Audio「Omnia.11」FM/HD Multi-Band Audio Processor

• Intelligent wideband AGC, refined dynamically flat & time aligned crossovers
• Dual-topology multiband AGC/Compressor-Limiters using Chameleon Processing Technology
• Density Detector for handling hyper-compressed content
• Ultra-LoIMD multiband limiter system with smart gain-reduction technology
• Bass-Management system for unprecedented bass power with no nasty side-effects
• Ultra LoIMD distortion controlled clipper system reduces IM distortion in this critical stage of the processing
• Refined Integrated laboratory-grade stereo generator with dual composite MPX outputs
• 19 kHz reference output
• SCA input
• >80 dB pilot protection and precision MPX LPF to protect RDS/RBDS and SCA signals
• ITU-BS-412 MPX limiter
and more


151-00661-29-2 Nishihara Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Chief Officer, Sales Manager   HIROYUKI ISHIHARA
[TEL]03-3372-3661   [FAX]03-3372-3671

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