People and information are gathering at Inter BEE now and creating new business trends.

Record number of exhibitors: 977companies


Record number of overseas exhibitors: 543companies


Record number of visitors: 37,959 people


Increasing level of visitor satisfaction: 81.0%


Number of media coverage cases: 411cases


Number of visits to the official website: 449,039visits


The media industry is now rapidly changing and business areas are expanding beyond their traditional boundaries.

Efforts for the sophistication and international standardization of broadcasting services toward 2020

Efforts for the international standardization and popularization of 4K/8K ultra-high-definition video will unfold at an accelerated pace in the future based on the roadmap for next-generation broadcasting services that is being worked on in Japan.


Rapid development of broadcasting/ communications cooperation and ICT utilization

“INTER BEE CONNECTED” will start up under the themes of multi-screen, multi-device, program online distribution, VOD, advertising models, apps, cloud services, big data and more. image

Diversification of video shooting equipment/techniques and participation of new classes of users

There will be an increase in various specialized equipment displays of product groups for high-end amateurs such as action cameras and digital still cameras, drones, techno-cranes and steady cameras. image

Expansion in the application range of ultra-high-definition video and large video

There will also be an expansion in deployment to the digital cinema, digital signage, public viewing, projection mapping, security, medical care fields and more. image

Spreading market for next-generation live entertainment

The market for live entertainment that makes use of audio / lighting equipment will expand and the hands-on “INTER BEE EXPERIENCE” event will showcase the frontline of this. image

High quality viewing experiences and
viewing style changes

Display fields will show an expansion to smart displays, smart television, 4K-compatible televisions, hi-res/high quality audio and car audio. image

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