Tips on getting around the show

Tip #1
This year, Halls 1 to 8 at Makuhari Messe will be used for Inter BEE and the overall layout for the respective sections has been modified. To better navigate the show, it is recommended that participants access the official website before arriving here. Tip #1
Tip #2 As there will be a large number of interesting exhibits of advanced products and technologies under one roof, it is recommended that participants set aside as much time as possible to fully enjoy the show. Tip #2
Tip #3 To make the best use of your time at the show, plan ahead and access the official website to check for the “must-see” exhibits. Desired products and technologies can be easily found by utilizing the search function on the website. Tip #3


Inter BEE Report: Day 1 (Nov. 15, 2006)

Registered visitors from Japan: 10,427 Registered visitors from overseas: 567 Total registered visitors: 10,994

Inter BEE 2006, the Professional Exhibition for Video, Audio and Communications Technologies, has started.

Inter BEE 2006 will start today in its largest, grandest scale ever!

Inter BEE 2006 will be the largest, grandest show ever — thanks to the large number of exhibitors — and it will be held in Halls 1 to 8 at Makuhari Messe. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved who have made such an impressive show possible.

Exhibition Sectors Exhibitors Booths
Professional audio sector 286 companies 328
Broadcasting/video equipment related sector 442 companies 1,552
Publication/publicity sector 5 companies 6
Total 733 companies 1,886


Scheduled events

Opening ceremony

Time: Starting at 9:45.
Venue: Center entrance, 2nd floor, Hall 5.
Prior to the start of Inter BEE 2006, an opening ceremony will be conducted by the presenters of simultaneously held events and you are most welcome to attend.

  • Opening ceremony
  • Opening ceremony
Reception party

Time: From 18:00 to 19:30
Venue: APA Hotel and Resort, Tokyo Bay Makuhari (former Prince Hotel).
This party will be attended by people from throughout the industry and it presents a great opportunity to make important business contacts.

A reception party attended by key personnel of the industry.

Inter BEE 2006, where new technologies and products from Japanese and overseas manufacturers are exhibited, has once again received great attention.
The reception party turned out to be a successful event, with a total of 515 people related to broadcasting stations, post-production studios, equipment manufacturers, and mass media attending.

Congratulatory speech by the guest of honor (abridged)

As you all know, public broadcasting stations nationwide will start digital terrestrial broadcasting from December of this year. This momentous event will make it possible for more than 80% of households in Japan to enjoy high-definition, high-fidelity, and multi-functional digital broadcasting. Now it can be said that Japan has fully entered the digital broadcasting age.
In addition, we have been promoting the development of digital terrestrial radio broadcasting by engaging in activities such as launching mobile phone models that are capable of receiving digital radio. Although the actual date for the start of digital terrestrial radio broadcasting has not been officially announced, efforts are being made to further develop a test station in the metropolitan Tokyo area.
The industry is also working hard to facilitate the complete migration to digital broadcasting in 2011 and preparations such as construction of transmission sites to provide digital broadcasting to households, application of a complementary transmission method, and the diffusion of digital broadcasting receivers are now in progress.
Taking these efforts into account, I hope that this international broadcasting equipment exhibition will serve to further increase collaboration between everyone in the industry.
And to support this, the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan will be holding the “43rd NAB-J Symposium of Broadcasting Technology” simultaneously to showcase the latest broadcasting technologies and equipment.
I would like to conclude my speech by sending a warm salute of gratitude to JEITA and staff as well as everyone else involved for all their efforts in making Inter BEE 2006 such a success and thereby ensuring further advancement in the industry. Thank you very much.
(abridged from original message)

Shunichiro Kudo, Senior Director
National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan (NAB)

Shunichiro Kudo

Salutation Speech

I am truly honored to be invited to this reception party and applaud the auspicious start of the 42nd Inter BEE. Before making a toast, I would like to say a few words of congratulations.
Tonight at midnight, there will be live rely broadcasting via the HiVision satellite on NHK. And this rely broadcasting will be the first ever made from the space station orbiting around earth at an altitude of 350km. With HD and HiVision becoming commonplace today, it is expected that state-of-the-art equipment and systems for various aspects of broadcasting will make a giant leap forward. All of us at NHK sincerely hope that by working in close cooperation with other broadcasters and manufacturers, we can ensure continuous progress in the industry.
Thank you very much.

Takashi Yabashi, Engineering Director
Japan Broadcasting Corporation

Takashi Yabashi